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WWE Survivor Series
Promotion / Series WWE Games
Release Date October 12, 2004
Platforms Game Boy Advance
Publisher THQ
Developer Natsume

WWE Survivor Series is a wrestling video game developed by Natsume and published by THQ for Game Boy Advance. It is based on the annual WWE pay-per-view, Survivor Series. The game is the sequel to Road to WrestleMania X8.

WWE Survivor Series was also the last WWE video game released for a Nintendo handheld console until WWE SmackDown vs. Raw 2008 for the Nintendo DS in 2007.

Official Description:

Get in the ring with the WWE's top superstars! Fight up through the ranks and challenge for the belts to become the champion in all-new single player mode. It's going to be a battle as WWE superstars take on their true-to-life attributes in strength, speed, and submission skills. The only difference between you and the champion is a three count! 8 match types including Cage, Tag Team and Fatal 4 Way!

Main Features:

  • Choose from a lineup of 16 different wrestlers - 8 from Raw and 8 from SmackDown - The Undertaker, Chris Jericho, Rey Mysterio, Eddie Guerrero, Shawn Michaels and more.
  • Wrestle in 5 different venues -- complete with the proper ring dressing.
  • Test your skills in RAW, SmackDown!, WrestleMania, Royal Rumble, Summer Slam, and Survivor Series.
  • 8 thrilling modes of play - One-On-One, Cage Matches, Tag Team, Royal Rumble and more.
  • Features link support for up to four gamers.

WWE Survivor Series Game Boy Full Roster


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