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The WWE 2K18 Road To Glory online mode parallels the real-world WWE PPV schedule. You can participate in any upcoming PPV Event by earning the required amount of stars in time to qualify. Once you qualify, you will complete challenges to get into the Main Event. If you win the PPV Main Event, you will earn an exclusive Superstar Part that is themed to the PPV Event. 

Here's the complete RTG PPV Rewards History:


Main Event: Your MyPlayer vs  AJ Styles
Stars to Qualify: 175
Reward:  Special Mask

WWE 2K18 Road To Glory Reward


  • Kick-Off Match: Your MyPlayer vs Enzo Amore 
  • First Match: Your MyPlayer vs Baron Corbin
  • Main Event: Your MyPlayer vs AJ Styles vs Brock Lesnar

Stars to Qualify: 100
Rewards: Viper Helmet + Wolf Helmet

WWE 2K18 Road To Glory Reward

WWE 2K18 Road To Glory Reward

TLC 2017 (First Event)

Main Event: Your MyPlayer vs The Miz - TLC Match
Stars to Qualify: 20
Reward: TLC Mask

WWE 2K18 Road To Glory Reward


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