A new Title Update for WWE 2K20, Patch 1.03, has been released and is now available to download on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. Following the Patch 1.02 released on November 1st, this new update aims to address additional issues that have been plaguing the game.

Unfortunately, there is still a lot that hasn't been fixed. In this page you'll find a list of the Patch Notes as well as the remaining issues still to be addressed.

Warning: On PC, installing the 1.03 Patch caused the User Save Data to be corrupted and lost. For this reason, the 1.03 Patch has currently been pulled from Steam and the game has been temporarily downgraded back to 1.02.

WWE 2K20 1.03 Patch Notes & Changelog (PS4 / Xbox One / PC): 

Below you can find all the 1.03 Patch Notes for WWE 2K20, along with any additional changes and fixes that we and the rest of the community have observed or found, though they were not reported in the official patch notes. We will keep this list updated as we discover any other improvements and bug fixes.


  • Addressed crashes throughout the game
  • Addressed opacity issue causing invisible CAS parts
  • Addressed crash in custom arenas using imported images
  • Improvements to sweat
  • Addressed input settings not saving (PC only) 


  • Fixed issue with Face mapping: when importing a Face Texture, you can now properly adjust the position of the eyes, nose, mouth, etc.
  • The Facepaint Editing feature for in-Game Superstars has been re-added into the game, however it is not fully implemented for all Superstars. For example, while it works for Sting, some other Superstars have the option to only edit all colors at once, while others (Jeff Hardy, Finn Balor) have the option completely disabled.
  • General improvements to hair and cloth behavior
  • Addressed concerns with missing hair and cloth throughout the game
  • Addressed concerns that images may fail to be correctly displayed on the Superstars’ attire
  • Addressed concerns of a crash when using DLC CAS parts for MyPLAYERs
  • Addressed concerns with allowing male face paint color changes to appear correctly in-game
  • Addressed concerns with CAS parts that may cause hair to float with certain Superstars
  • Addressed concerns with assigning locked moves when user previews and selects it inside of Move-Set for MyPLAYER
  • Addressed concerns that CAS T-shirt logos may appear incorrectly in-game


  • Addressed concerns that a crash may occur when selecting a save slot
  • Enabled importing Roster and other settings when creating a new Universe save
  • Addressed concerns that a crash may occur when loading into match for the first time with several creations
  • Addressed concerns with 6-man tag match
  • Addressed concerns that a crash my occur when simulating to WrestleMania


  • Improvements to strike aiming and dash strikes
  • Addressed concerns with soft lock-in pin mini-game after performing certain moves


  • Addressed concerns that a crash may occur when downloading Superstars with custom images
  • Addressed concerns that images may fail to display correctly (white texture) in downloaded Custom Arenas (SDH NOTE: This fix seems to only apply to NEWLY uploaded Arenas after the patch, however it's not retroactive, so previously uploaded Arenas will have to be re-uploaded to work correctly)
  • Addressed concerns that may occur when downloading custom shows with custom arenas and logos
  • Addressed concerns that a crash may occur in Road to Glory when using DLC CAS parts 

Prominent Issues still to be addressed (not fixed in patch 1.03)

Even after patch 1.03, WWE 2K20 is still affected by several remaining issues yet to be addressed. Here are some of the most prominent ones we noted down:

Create A Superstar

  • Hair Dye for Created Superstars still does not work correctly, as it reverts after saving the Superstar and does not show up in gameplay
  • Applying clothing parts to Created Superstars can cause the hair of a Superstar to float above the head. Some parts are also still broken, such as Jeff Hardy's armbands.
  • Trying to "Import Parts" from an attire of a downloaded Created Superstar crashes the game
  • Adding more than 10 custom logos to a Created Superstar crashes the game
  • The Head Width option doesn't work correctly (it moves the left eye), and the Head Height option is missing
  • If you have a nickname, you Created Superstar name won't get announced.

Create An Arena

  • Placement of objects in Create An Arena does not save correctly, as the parts move to their original spot when you re-load the creation or play the match.

WWE Universe

  • You cannot set a default custom attire for a Superstar, it always resets back to original attire when selecting the Superstar
  • In Universe PPVs only 10 matches can be edited out of the 14 matches on the card
  • Creating Tag Teams before starting Universe still does not import the teams to a new Universe save
  • There are several occurrences where WWE Universe messes up the Superstars involved in a match after customizing it
  • Trying to add more than one Custom Matches to match tables crashes the game

Online Lobbies

  • The list of match types available Online still hasn't been updated, offering a very limited selection compared to the match types available in Single Player.
  • Online Tag Matches team up players incorrectly (it wrongly teams up P1 & P3 vs. P2 & P4)
  • It's still not possible to customize match rules or use Custom Matches Online
  • It's still not possible to use Custom Arenas or MyCareer special arenas
  • It's not possible to use superstars Alternate Attires
  • There are no Entrances Online and no way to turn them on
  • There is no ability to turn off / hide the HUD Gamertags names of the Players that clutter the screen


  • Create-A-Championship still has not been added back to the game as of patch 1.03
  • Trying to play a Hell In A Cell match in a Custom Arena crashes the game
  • Highlight Reel can still only record up to just 8-10 seconds of footage, compared to 20+ seconds of WWE 2K19.
  • Changing the moveset or attributes of a DLC Superstar (2K Originals) does not save and reverts to default
  • The ability to favorite moves in Create A Moveset is missing
  • There is still no "Random" button when selecting a superstar in the Character Select Screen
  • The ability to choose Day / Evening / Night for the outdoor Wrestlemania arenas is missing
  • The Backstage Cutscenes in Create A Video wrongly take place in the ring instead of the Backstage Area.
  • The "Evolution" theme song is still wrong as it instead plays the Hardy Boys music
  • Billie Kay's moveset is still wrong as it's instead Zelina Vega's moveset
  • Winning a Double-Title match for two titles, results in a wrong Victory Scene where the winner has the same title twice
  • Several Victory Scenes for Tag Teams fail to play correctly after matches
  • There is no Post match celebration after winning an Elimination Chamber Match
  • A Superstar's Facepaint doesn't fade anymore over the course of a match
  • Announcing of several championships is misplaced, for example the WWE Championship gets announced as "World Heavyweight Championship", while the UK Championship gets announced as "WWE Championship"


More patches are scheduled to be released in the upcoming weeks and months, to address additional issues in WWE 2K20. Hopefully, some of these issue get tackled in the subsequent updates.

For all the information on WWE 2K20 check out the WWE 2K20 Main Section, and the full WWE 2K20 Roster Page.


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