Here is a complete guide to the Hell in a Cell in WWE 2K22, with all the controls you need to know about this match type, including escaping the HIAC, breaking the top of the Cell, and changing the HIAC type.

How to Escape Hell in a Cell in WWE 2K22

In WWE 2K22 there are 4 breakable walls on the front side of the Hell in a Cell structure. You can break all 4 of them in one match.

While at ringside during a Hell in a Cell match, you can break the 4 sections of the cell wall nears the corners by using Ringside Attacks, Irish Whips, or Cell Breakout Finishers.

To break the Hell in a Cell walls with a Cell Breakout Finisher, press RT + A on Xbox, or R2 + X on PlayStation, with your opponent stunned near a breakable corner of the cell. Some Superstars don't have a Cell Breakout Finisher assigned by default.

There are 5 Hell in Cell Finishers in WWE 2K22 that you can select in Create a Moveset:

  • German Suplex 9
  • Oklahoma Slam 1
  • Powerbomb 12
  • Spear 10
  • Suplex 13

Once one of the walls is destroyed, you can escape the HIAC cage by pressing RB / R1.

wwe 2k22 how to escape hell in a cell walls

WWE 2K22 HIAC Ringside Combat

The ringside area of a Hell in a Cell match is very narrow. The move-set of your Superstar is adjusted within the constraints of the environment. You are only able to throw your opponent against the wall with an Irish whip or perform specific attacks.

  • Strike your opponent with X or A
  • Hold X for a Strong Strike
  • Holds L-direction towards the Apron or Cell Wall and press A to grapple
  • Irish Whip your opponent by using B

Unfortunately, the combat in this area is very limiting and often frustrating because of all the scripted actions the Superstars will do. This part definitely needs an improvement in the future WWE games, giving more freedom to the player like in the old wrestling games.

Break the top of the Hell in a Cell in WWE 2K22

In WWE 2K22, you can break the 4 center panels that you find at the top of the Hell in a Cell structure. You can break all 4 panels in one single match. 

Damage the top of the cell by slamming your opponent into it. Once the cell takes damage, it will break. Use strikes or an Irish Whip to put your opponent through a broken panel, or you can use a Carry to throw them down.

wwe 2k22 how to break top hiac

How to Climb the Hell In A Cell in WWE 2K22

After you escaped the Hell in a Cell structure, you can climb the Hell in the Cell by pressing RB / R1 near the Cell.

Once you are halfway up, you can either press RB / R1 to continue to climb, L-downRB / R1 to go back down.

You can also fight on the cell wall. Use L to move along the wall. Use X or A to attack your opponent.

How to Change the HIAC Type in WWE 2K22

There are 3 different Hell in Cell types that you can select in WWE 2K22. You can change the Cell type before that match in the Custom Match Rules. The 3 HIAC versions in WWE 2K22 are:

  • Red
  • Classic (Grey)
  • Rusted

How to Throw Off the HIAC through the Announce Table in WWE 2K22

You can throw your opponents off the cell and make them fall on the announce table, for example with a Chokeslam, by pressing A on Xbox, X on PlayStation, with your opponent stunned near the edge of the cell.

There are 6 Hell in a Cell Ledge Throw Moves in WWE 2K22 that you can select in Create a Moveset:

  • Attitude Adjustment 7
  • Chokeslam 12
  • Military Press Slam 3
  • Oklahoma Slam 2
  • Powerbomb 17
  • Stage Toss


Other Notes on the HIAC in WWE 2K22

  • You cannot pick up the Steel Steps inside the HIAC
  • You can select and use weapons inside the HIAC, except for the Ladder, which can not be selected for the Hell in a Cell match.
  • You can play the HIAC match in any Arena you want.
  • You can jump off the top of the HIAC by pressing A or X on Xbox, X or Square on PlayStation.
  • If you are at the top of the HIAC and one of the panels is broken, you can quickly return to the ring by passing through the cage breach by pressing RB / R1.
  • If you place a table in the ring under one of the panels at the top of the Cell, you can put your opponents through the Cell panel and make them fall through the table.


For more info on WWE 2K22 check out the News Section, and for the full list of confirmed Superstars for the game, visit the full WWE 2K22 Roster Page.

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