It has been a good month since the world’s most popular wrestling simulation game series released its latest edition, WWE 2K23. Just like every other game in the series, this one has its own hidden features and “easter eggs” as we, in the gaming community, like to call them.

The WWE 2K series has always done a good job when it comes to giving people exciting hidden features. This year’s edition is no different as gamers have started to find out some of the easter eggs, hidden features, and unlockables in WWE 2K23. Here are some of them:

1. Performance Center Arena

The WWE performance center has been making appearances in the series ever since WWE 2K17. But it was not a playable arena until this year’s WWE 2K23.

But, to unlock the arena for exhibition and other modes, you must complete a few challenges. When you first open up the game, you will be asked to complete a tutorial, don’t skip it.

In this tutorial, you will play as Xavier Woods as he will guide you through the various button combinations you can use in the game. Once this tutorial is completed, you will be asked to test your skills against John Cena in a match. Once you defeat John Cena using Xavier Woods, the Performance Center arena will be secretly unlocked for exhibition matches and more.

This will give you another arena to conduct your matches in. And, you can also roam around the Performance Center arena by using the "Highlight Reel" option.

If you skipped the tutorial when you first loaded up the game, you can always go into the options menu of the game and start the tutorial again.

wwe 2k23 hidden features performance center arena

2. RVD’s Corkscrew Legdrop

Rob Van Dam or RVD was not available in the game series for a while now, but he has made his return to the world of video games with WWE 2K23, and naturally, so has RVD's Corkscrew Legdrop.

The move never made it to WWE 2K22 for reasons only known to the developers, but WWE 2K23 brings back the classic move to the gaming franchise.

Maybe you knew that one, but did you know there’s an alternate ending in the Showcase Mode match between John Cena and RVD?

3. RVD vs John Cena Showcase Mode alternate ending

To trigger this ending, you must let John Cena win the 2006 One Night Stand match against Rob Van Dam in the Showcase Mode. Once the conditions are met, you will see John Cena being escorted out of the arena by security guards, which obviously didn’t happen in reality as John Cena lost the match.

This is a nice little feature as every wrestling fan knows how hostile the Hammerstein Ballroom (Manhattan Centre) crowd was towards Cena that night. 

4. More interactive elements in Backstage Brawls

The developers of WWE 2K23 have added much-needed new elements to the backstage area, for the Backstage Brawl match mode.

Now, you can use the hood and boot of the cars parked in the parking lot, break the windows and windshields of the cars by using the heavy attack button and drop people into the spotlight placed near the platform with the ladder in the backstage area.

5. Referees count slower after being knocked down

WWE fans are no strangers to moments where referees are knocked down, this has been happening in the business for as long as one could remember.

So, this year, the developers of WWE 2K23 seem to have spent some good time focusing on the referees’ mechanics and movements.

Now, if you knock down the referee, the referee will count slower once he gets back up. This is a very neat little feature that shows the attention to detail the developers have put into this year’s game.

6. Royal Rumble Allies

In this year’s game, the Royal Rumble matches have got some much-needed upgrades too. One of these is the feature that allows you to have allies in the match.

For example:- if you are playing a Royal Rumble match using Roman Reigns, and either one of Jey Uso, Jimmy Uso, or Solo Sikoa, who are his allies, comes out to the ring at a certain point in the match, now, they won’t attack Roman Reigns during the match unless they are attacked by Roman Reigns first, or unless they are the only three people left in the match.

This feature lets you team up in Royal Rumble matches and completely dominate your opponents, just like teams like The New Day do in real life.

Additional Hidden Features In WWE 2K23

1. Reggie's Dodge And Reversal Animations

The variety of ways Reggie dodges and reverses his opponents' moves are a sight to behold in real life, they are entertaining, unique, and an example of his in-ring-prowess.

And now, the developers of WWE 2K23 have brought the joy of Reggie's unique wrestling style to your gamepads and keyboards, as in WWE 2K23, we can perform Reggie's unique dodges and reversals by simply timing the dodges and reversals. That easy!

2. Top Rope Cody Cutter

Did you know there's an alternate version of the Cody Cutter in the game?

As it turns out, we can find an alternate version of the Cody Cutter in the Corner Springboard section in the movesets mode.

However, this move comes as a hidden feature, as the move is not pre-assigned to Cody Rhodes in the game. But, you can always assign him the move yourself.


wwe 2k23 hidden features cody cutter 2


There might still be a lot more hidden features and easter eggs in the game, a lot of them may not even have been discovered yet. But the WWE 2K23 community is sure to find them all really soon, and we are here to help them reach you and the world. Stay Updated.

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