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WWF No Mercy
Promotion / Series WWE Games
Release Date November 17, 2000
Platforms Nintendo 64
Publisher THQ
Developer AKI Corporation

Following on from the hugely successful Wrestlemania 2000, WWF No Mercy is a ground-breaking new WWF title for Nintendo 64 with an abundance of new features, gameplay and superior graphics. The WWF’s coming back to Nintendo with a vengeance, this time delivering a one-two punch that is sure to put the competition on their back.

Primary Game Features:

  • The most complete wrestling experience ever created for Nintendo 64.
  • Compatible with the Nintendo 64 Transfer Pak
  • Over 65 WWF Superstars
  • All-New Gameplay modes including Ladder Matches, Tag Team and Backstage Brawls
  • Expanded Create A Wrestler option
  • Amazingly detailed graphics

WWF No Mercy Roster


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