Brock Lesnar (Zombie)
Brock Lesnar (Zombie)
Gender Male
Nickname / Version The Beast Reincarnated
Alternative Versions Brock LesnarBrock Lesnar '03
Era Modern Era
Superstar Class Trickster
Ability Style Defensive
Alternate Gear Spring Outbreak

Nothing is safe from the mysterious force that swept across the WWE Universe. The denaturation of Brock Lesnar has made him a scourge of the living. Trading vibrant skin for rotting flesh and an appetite for fresh sinew, the beast has reincarnated into something much, much more menacing.

SPECIALS: Decaying Belly to Back Suplex, Rotting Body Drop, Back From The Dead, Suplex City of the Dead, Reanimated Slam

FINISHERS: Z-5, Zombie Attack!

TAG LINKS: Modern Era, Zombies, Zombies 2017-2018, Zombies 2017

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