WWE '13 will feature new match types with the long awaited returns of the "Special Referee", where the player can take direct control of the match by embodying the referee, and of the "I Quit" Match, completely redesigned for an authentic representation. Also making its return is the King Of The Ring Tournament, bigger and better than before.


  • You'll be able to referee 1 on 1, 2 on 2, 3 and 4 way matches.
  • When playing as the referee, you're given a lot of opportunities to meddle in the match, so you'll be in charge of counting pinfall's, count outs and checking on submissions.
  • The referee has a "Referee Meter" that starts out in the middle point at the start of the match, and as you officiate, depending on the route you take, it'll either accumulate or decrease.
  • You will also have the option to DQ a Superstar if they do something to warrant it, such as using a chair.
  • If you choose to call the match down the middle and be impartial your meter will fill, which then allows you to perform some pretty heinous actions, such as being able to perform your finisher on an opponent, or even being able to perform a screwjob finish during submission holds, which are actions you can take part in by building your referee meter to a certain point.
  • If you are a bad referee and don't count pin falls or check on submissions, you'll see your meter decrease and you can even physically engage with opponents and push them around. You can't actually grapple with them, but you can grab them and push them around, which in doing these actions will put the opponent at a disadvantage and cause your referee meter to deplete.
  • If your meter completely depletes, John Laurinaitis will come out and kick you out of the match, replacing you with the actual AI controlled referee.


  • In keeping with WWE programming, the I Quit Match is a 1-on-1, no holds barred, anything goes affair. Utilize anything and everything within the in-ring environment to force your opponent to say the humiliating words, "I Quit!"
  • When your opponent is in a grounded state, press the pin button to summon the referee to the grounded opponent. The referee will kneel down and place a microphone in front of their face. It’s at this point that the I Quit mini-game is triggered. Stop the moving cursor within the designated target zone before the words “I Quit” fully materialize on screen to inform the referee of your desire to continue the match. If the opponent is unable to complete the mini-game in time, they’ll automatically quit the match. If a Superstar is in possession of a stored finisher icon they can use it to automatically win the mini-game and continue the match. However, doing so will result in the loss of that finisher icon.
  • When an opponent is in the midst of performing the I Quit mini-game, the attacking Superstar can utilize an Intimidation taunt to increase the difficulty of the mini-game. Performing an Intimidation taunt will cause the mini-game meter to shake violently, which makes it that much harder for the defender to complete the mini-game in time. Use of Intimidation results in a loss of momentum for the attacker so think twice before using it. If the attacker doesn’t have a sufficient amount of momentum within their meter the Intimidation taunt can’t be used.
  • The I Quit mini-game can also be triggered by applying a Breaking Point submission hold on an opponent. Just like grounded situations, the referee will position themselves near the trapped defender and position the microphone in front of their face. Complete the mini-game successfully to break out of the submission hold and continue the match. Failure to break out in time will result in a loss.


  • Create your very own King of the Ring tournament! Players can choose the number of participants (4, 8 or 16) as well as the gender of the participants involved (that's right, Divas can also take part in the King of the Ring tournament).
  • Players can also choose the type of match that they’d like for their tournament (Normal, Backstage Brawl, Hell in a Cell, Iron Man, Ladder, Last Man Standing, Steel Cage, Submission, Table, TLC and Extreme Rules).
  • Participants in the tournament can be chosen at random or selected by the player.
  • Each match in the tournament can be played or simulated.
  • The King of the Ring tournament can be played solo or with a friend.
  • The tournament takes place in the King of the Ring '98 arena, but you can choose to change the arena on the matchup screen.
  • A special coronation cut-scene is shown for the winner of the tournament.


  • The Inferno Match has been improved upon in WWE '13, with the ability to drag a downed opponent into the fire as well as the standing opponent. The 500 degree winning system has been completely changed/removed. The on-fire animations have seen some love as well.
  • The Six-Divas Tag Team Match makes its return in the game, as well as the Six Divas Battle Royal.
  • Also, returning from WWE SmackDown vs. Raw 2006 is the "Title Match" option, allowing you to choose a Title and then customize the participants, so you no longer have to scroll through the roster to see who has the title you want to put on the line. A needed improvement, seeing the 40 different championships included in the game (with DLC) and the possibility to customize new ones. With this option you can now setup a match for a vacant Championship.
  • The classic blue steel cage has been implemented as a variant of the regular Steel Cage Match.
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