Experience the atmosphere, spectacle and fervor of a WWE live event through attention-grabbing Spectacular Moments, including ring breaks, barricade crashes and the all-new Mid-Air Finishers, along with a brand new audio system designed to produce the most authentic and vibrant commentary, sound effects and crowd participation levels ever experienced in a WWE videogame.


Spectacular moments are triggered with the press of the Y/Triangle button. An 'OMG!' logo will appear above a character’s head when they are capable of executing these devastating maneuvers, which can quickly change the tide of a match - or even end it. They can only be enabled by certain wrestlers in specific locations and instances


  • It can be triggered from a standing or grounded position, with perfect timing when the opponent is going for a Diving or a Springboard Attack
  • It can only be performed by certain superstars (or by who has that move assigned to its moveset)
  • It cannot be triggered outside the ring with the opponent doing a running outside dive
  • There are 8 mid-air finishers: Codebreaker, RKO, Attitude Adjustment, Go To Sleep, World's Strongest Slam, Chokeslam, Tombstone Piledriver, and Superkick.

Examples: RKO, Codebreaker, Go To Sleep, Chokeslam, World's Strongest Slam, Sweet Chin Music


  • It can be triggered at the turnbuckle, with the execution of a Superplex from the top rope
  • The Superstar hitting the Superplex has to store up three finishers in order to have the option
  • It can only be performed by a super-heavyweight on another super-heavyweight
  • The match ends after a ring break: the win is awarded to the superstar hitting the move by KO


  • It can be triggered on any of the four corners of the barricade, with the attacker performing a Spear.
  • It can be performed more than once in a match, until all the four barricades are broken and the match continues
  • It can be performed by any superstar
  • It's still not possible to fight in the crowd after the barricade is broken

More Spectacular Moments implemented in the game include a Superplex from the turnbuckle to the outside of the ring, and Finishers on top of the Announce Tables, with the possibility to climb on them making a return in the game.


  • THQ is overhauling the Audio Systems in "WWE '13" and introducing several new sound effects, crowd sounds and commentary calls. The objective was to make this the best and most authentic sounding WWE game ever. Many of the new sounds in the game come directly from WWE television, making the audio experience truly authentic. Improving the audio experience in WWE Games is an investment not only for "WWE '13," but also continuing into the future. With roughly 30,000 lines of commentary, "WWE '13" is bursting at the seams with new audio content. Over the next three years, the goal is to have a world-class audio experience.
  • You can adjust a setting called ‘Match Experience’ with three options (“Quick”, “Normal” and “Epic”) which will affect the overall pacing of a match, independent of AI difficulty. Factors such as momentum, damage, enemy aggressiveness and even kick out and reversal rates will be affected.
  • Also, in addition to last year's huge improvements to presentation, WWE '13 will feature different camera angles during post-match replays, as well as for the newly introduced in-match replays that will be shown for the key moves.
  • The referee has been improved as well: he now slides into pinfalls, starting the count immediately as opposed to the slow positioning of previous games.
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