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Height: 7-foot
Weight: 485 pounds
From: Tampa, Florida
Signature Moves: Knockout Punch; Chokeslam; Cobra Clutch Backbreaker
WWE All Stars Class: Big Man
WWE All Stars Attires: Current 2 Strap Singlet; Old 1 Strap Singlet

The Big Show is a nearly unstoppable force, one of WWE All Star's three Big Men.  In addition to being able to perform charged strikes and grabs, Big Show has the unique ability to stomp the ground with a medium range strong strike, sending any opponent unfortunate enough not to brace themselves skywards, where they can be juggled with a series of strikes, grabbed into a backbreaker or punted out of the ring!  Big Show's Finisher, the Knockout Punch is especially dangerous when charged up.  Big Show can unleash his Finisher so quickly, it's nearly impossible for anyone in range to avoid it.





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