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Cody Rhodes


Height: 6-foot-1
Weight: 223 pounds
From: Marietta, Georgia
Signature Moves: Cross Rhodes; Alabama Slam; Springboard Kick; Running Bulldog
WWE All Stars Class: Brawler
WWE All Stars Attires: Normal Black

Cody Rhodes is a Brawler/Acrobat hybrid, the only character of his type in WWE All Stars. While Cody can't perform rope springs from a run like a typical Acrobat, his strike combos can chain into rope springs and his Charged Strike also incorporates the ropes. This unique combination of abilities makes Cody a threat both from close and long range and gives him a degree of mobility not normally experienced in the Brawler class. Cody is capable of performing Signature moves both from the ground and from turnbuckles, adding to his already versatile repertoire.




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