The Super Famicom is about to get another dose of Super Fire Pro Wrestling mayhem! Super Fire Pro Wrestling 2 expands further than before with a plethora of new moves, a new match type, a new "Critical!" system and much more! Do you have what it takes to ascend to the top of the rankings and become Champion?

Game Modes

World Championship

Here, you fight against the entire SFPW2 roster either in Singles or Tag matches. The points system returns, and thanks to the inclusion of the brand new "Critical!" feature (which allows you to win via knockout if a wrestler cannot continue), it's been enhanced a bit. As usual, Pins, Subs, and "Critical!" victories award you 5 points, whilst DQs & Countouts award you 4. Make sure you have enough points to qualify through the mode, otherwise, it's game over. Once you complete this mode, enter the password shown to unlock Title Defense Mode, where you must defeat all the wrestlers again on a harder difficulty, plus the 3 hidden bosses. You don't have to worry about points in Title Defense Mode, but once you complete that mode, you'll be given a password to unlock the Handicap Tornado Tag Challenge, a singles division exclusive mode where you must face the entire roster in Handicap 1 vs 2 matches. Complete that to win the game.

Exhibition Match

Play Single, Tag, and Handicap matches here. In the rules section you can adjust the time limit, number of rounds, player input, ring outs, rope breaks, and CPU difficulty. You can play as the bosses in Exhibition, Elimination, and League modes. To do so, hold L & R on the wrestler select screen and highlight either Musha, Yamato, or Musashi, then press B to play as Budoh, Dynamic Kid, or Mask de Panther respectively.

Elimination Match

Gather a quintet of wrestlers to play as as you fight against another quintet of wrestlers in this 5-on-5 Elimination match. Rules can be adjusted like in the Exhibition mode. The first team to eliminate all 5 opposing wrestlers wins.

Open League

This returning mode allows up to 8 players for a round robin singles (with 8 wrestlers) or tag (with 16 wrestlers) tournament. The wrestler(s) with the most points once all the matches have played out wins.


  1. Abdullah the Butcher (Abdul the Danger) [AJPW]
  2. Akira Maeda (Akira Saeha) [RINGS]
  3. Akira Taue (Tsugasa Tagami) [AJPW]
  4. Antonio Inoki (Victory Musashi) [NJPW]
  5. Atsushi Onita (Katsushi Okita) [FMW]
  6. Bam Bam Bigelow (Smasher G. Gigas) [NJPW]
  7. Big Van Vader (Hitman Saber) [NJPW]
  8. Dick Vrij (Rick Gray) [RINGS]
  9. Dynamite Kid (Dynamic Kid) [AJPW]
  10. Genichiro Tenryu (Thunder Ryu) [SWS]
  11. The Great Muta (Blade Musha) [NJPW]
  12. Hulk Hogan (Axe Duggan) [WWF]
  13. Jumbo Tsuruta (Tommy Bomber) [AJPW]
  14. Jushin Thunder Liger (Super Kaiser) [NJPW]
  15. Keiji Mutoh (Ken Budoh) [NJPW]
  16. Masahiro Chono (Masahiro Kono) [NJPW]
  17. Masakatsu Funaki (Masakatsu Higaki) [FUJIWARA-GUMI]
  18. Mitsuharu Misawa (Mitsuhide Hikawa) [AJPW]
  19. Riki Choshu (Hurricane Rikimaru) [NJPW]
  20. Shinya Hashimoto (Shinya Hatamoto) [NJPW]
  21. Stan Hansen (Star Bison) [AJPW]
  22. Steve Williams (Steel James) [AJPW]
  23. Tatsumi Fujinami (Fighter Yamato) [NJPW]
  24. Terry Gordy (Kerry Bogey) [AJPW]
  25. Tiger Jeet Singh (Mad Tiger) [FMW]
  26. Tiger Mask (Mask de Panther) [NJPW]
  27. Toshiaki Kawada (Toshite Kazama) [AJPW]
  28. Yoshiaki Fujiwara (Takashi Fudahara) [FUJIWARA-GUMI]
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