In this page you can find the complete guide on all the Controls for WWE 2K Battlegrounds for PlayStation 4 & Xbox One Game Pads.

This full WWE 2K Battlegrounds Control Scheme includes how to perform Combos, Special Moves, Throws, Finishers & Signatures, Power-Ups, Reversals, Strikes, Grapples, Weapon Interaction and much more!

If you use information from this article, please credit, as we manually typed down all the controls.

WWE 2K Battlegrounds Basic Controls

ActionPS4Xbox One
Control Superstar L-direction L-direction
Run Hold R2 + L-direction Hold RTL-direction
Punch / Diving Attack Square X
Kick Triangle Y
Lift / Carry Opponent Hold X Hold A
Throw / Grapple X A
Submission (Downed Opp.) Hold X Hold A
Pin (Downed Opp.) O B
Irish Whip (Standing) O + L-direction B + L-direction
Strong Irish Whip Hold O + L-direction Hold B + L-direction
Guard / Block Hold R1 Hold RB
Parry (when being hit) Tap R1 Tap RB
Counter / Reversal (prompt when grabbed) Square / Triangle / O / X X / Y / B / A
Pick Up Weapon / Item L1 LB
Climb Apron / Climb Top Rope Tap L1 + L-direction Tap LB + L-direction
Exit / Enter Ring Hold L1 + L-direction Hold LB + L-direction
Signature / Finisher (Full Heat Bar) L2 + R2 LT + RT
Get back up (from Ground) Repeatedly X Repeatedly A
Kick out (from Pin) Repeatedly L2 + R2 Repeatedly LT + RT
Pause Game options menu

WWE 2K Battlegrounds Advanced Controls & Special Moves

ActionPS4Xbox One
Power-Up Tier 1 left left
Power-Up Tier 2 up up
Power-Up Tier 3 right right
Taunt down down
Pick Up Opponent (Downed Opp.) X A
Get Weapon from Under Ring / from Crowd X A
Throw opp. into Interactive Environments (while carrying) O + L-direction B + L-direction
Running Attack R2 + L-directionSquare / Triangle RTL-directionX / Y
Dive to Outside (towards ropes) R2 + L-directionSquare RTL-directionX
Springboard Attack (facing ropes) (High-Flyers) R2 + L-directionTriangle RTL-direction + Y
Turnbuckle Minigame (Opp. stunned at corner) O B
Special Modifier Hold L2 Hold LT
Special Move 1 (view by class) L2 + Square LT + X
Special Move 2 (view by class) L2 + Triangle LT + Y
Special Move 3 (view by class) L2 + X LT + A
Special Irish Whip L2 + O LT + B
Special Throws 1-4 (view by class) R-direction R-direction
Special Throws 5-8 (view by class) L2 + R-direction LT + R-direction
Target Different Opponent Click R Click R
Ask for Help (Tag Team) Click L Click L
Class Comparison touch-pad view

WWE 2K Battlegrounds Combos List Controls

You can perform a special Combo Punch or Kick as a final move in a series of 3 chained attacks.

Some combos are only available to be performed by specific classes:

  • Powerhouse and Brawlers can only perform Combos that end in a punch.
  • Technician and High-Flyers can only perform Combos that end in a kick.
  • All-Rounders can perform Combos that end in either way (punch or kick).

Below you find the controls for how to perform Combos in WWE 2K Battlegrounds, and to which Class they are available:

Basic Combos

ActionPS4Xbox One
Combo Punches Square Square Square X X X
Combo Kicks Triangle Triangle Triangle Y Y Y

Class-Specific Combos

wwe 2k battlegrounds combos controls by class

For every different 3-strikes combinations, each Class performs different and unique combo moves! See the full Combo List by Class at this link.

WWE 2K Battlegrounds Special Throws Controls

The 5 Superstar Classes (Brawler, Powerhouse, High-Flyer, Technician, and All-Rounder) all have different Special Throws - just like for Combos and Special Moves).

There are 8 possible button combinations to perform throws, but not all of them are available to every class. Specifically, the 8th combination (LT + R-right) is only available to certain Superstars!

Below you find the controls for how to perform Special Throws in WWE 2K Battlegrounds, and to which Class they are available:

wwe 2k battlegrounds special throws controls by class

For every type of Throw, each Class performs different and unique throws! See the full Special Throws List by Class at this link.

WWE 2K Battlegrounds Pinfall, Submission & Kick Out Controls

In most matches in WWE 2K Battlegrounds, you can win the match by pinfall or submission.

You can initiate a pin or a submission when your opponent is down.

To pin a downed opponent, press O on PS4 / B on Xbox One.

To initiate a submission on a downed opponent, hold X on PS4 / A on Xbox One. Submission holds reduce the opponent's health and can make them submit.

How to kick out from pins in WWE 2K Battlegrounds? How to escape Submissions?

While getting pinned or locked in a submission hold, you'll have to fill a meter to kick out from the pin or escape from the submission.

To fill the meter and break free, you have to repeatedly press the shoulders buttons:

  • PS4: Repeatedly tap L2 + R2
  • Xbox One: Repeatedly tap LT + RT

Of course, the lower you are on health, the harder it will be to kick out or to escape from a submission hold.

WWE 2K Battlegrounds Reversals System & Controls

How to Reverse moves in WWE 2K Battlegrounds? How do Reversals work?

WWE 2K Battlegrounds features different types of reversals and blocks:

  • Block / Guard - Hold R1RB:
    • Put your guard up to defend against your opponent hits.
  • Parry - Tap  R1RB just before the opponent hits you:
    • If you block as you're about to get hit, you'll parry your opponent's attack.
    • If you parry when you're down on the mat, your superstar will dodge and stand up.
    • Parries can also be executed from the apron and while climbing the cage.
  • Counter Reversals - Press the indicated button just before the opponent grabs you:
    • When you're grabbed, a button prompt will appear over the Superstar's head when it's the proper timing to reverse. It can be either of the 4 face buttons.
    • Press this button when prompted to perform a full counter-attack move.
    • If you don't have enough Heat, the counter button will not appear.
    • Only throws can be countered. Other actions, signature and finishers cannot be countered.

Note: if your Heat Bar is too low, you won't be able to perform counters to defend yourself. You also need Stamina to block your opponent's attacks.

For all the information on WWE 2K Battlegrounds check out the WWE 2K Battlegrounds Main Section, and the full WWE 2K Battlegrounds Roster Page.

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