WWE 2K Battlegrounds features 5 different "bars" mechanics in the game: a Health Bar, a Stamina Bar, a Heat Bar, a Crowd Bar, and finally a Power-Up Bar.

With so many things to keep track of, it can be confusing to understand them at first. What does each of these bars represent? What is the difference between the Heat Bar and the Crowd Bar in WWE 2K Battlegrounds?

In this article, we will go through each of these mechanics in WWE 2K Battlegrounds and explain what purpose they serve and how they work.

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1. The Health Bar

The Health Bar (along with the Stamina Bar) is located around a circle under your Superstar's feet, on the left side.

It's represented in green color and is what you might guess: it shows your remaining health, which will decrease when you take damage.

The lower your health, the harder it will be for you to kick out of a pinfall attempt, or to escape a submission hold. It will also take you longer to get back up when your health is depleted.

If your health bar is completely empty, you will have no chance to escape a pin or submission.

The amount of Health that your superstar has at the start of the match, depends on the Superstar's Class and their Overall Rating.

2. The Stamina Bar

The Stamina Bar is located near the Health Bar, around a circle under your Superstar's feet, on the right side.

It's represented in blue color and it measures your Superstar's fatigue.

Combos, Special Throws and Special Moves will use Stamina. You also need Stamina to perform common actions such as Running, Blocking and Submissions.

So you will need to wait for your Stamina bar to refill to be able to perform certain moves. Your Stamina Bar refills automatically, and some Classes refill stamina faster than others.

3. The Heat Bar

The Heat Bar is represented as a white circle under your Superstar's feet.

This is essentially the equivalent of the "Momentum" bar we've come to know from the main WWE Games series.

Your Heat Bar fills when you perform moves, taunt, or simply deal damage to your opponent.

When your Heat Bar is full, you can execute Signature and Finisher Moves (by pressing L2 + R2 on PS4, or LT + RT on Xbox).

Whether you execute a Signature or a Finisher depends on your opponent's health: if your opponent is on the last bar of his health, you'll execute a Finisher on him, otherwise you'll execute a Signature.

If you have enough Heat, you can also push your opponent into the turnbuckle with a Special Irish Whip to activate a turnbuckle minigame. However, if your Heat Bar is too low, you won't be able to perform counters to defend yourself.

4. The Crowd Bar

Unique to the game, WWE 2K Battlegrounds feature a Crowd Bar. This is located at the very bottom of the screen, where the Superstar HUD is.

While playing a match in WWE 2K Battlegrounds, in the HUD area will be continuously prompted to perform certain actions to win over the crowd.

When you execute a move that the crowd wants to see, the Crowd Bar fills. On the other hand, if your actions are boring or repetitive, the crowd will boo you, and the Crowd Bar will drop. The Crowd Bar also drops if you're inactive.

Taunting your opponent also gets the crowd on your side and helps you raise your crowd bar.

Having a high Crowd Bar makes it easier for you to win by Pinfall or Submission, and it improves your chances of victory in the various combat minigames.


5. The Power-Up Bar

Finally, WWE 2K Battlegrounds has a Power-Up Bar. This is also located in the HUD, where you can see the icons of 3 power-ups.

Power-ups become available to perform as the Power-Up bar fills.

When you use one, the bar decreases again.

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Bonus: The "Money Bar" in Steel Cage Matches

Steel Cage Matches in WWE 2K Battlegrounds have a unique mechanic:

Superstars must fill their Money Bar by collecting the money that appears hanging from the cage.

When the Money Bar is full, the Superstar can try to escape over the top of the cage.

The first Superstar to escape is the winner! In Tag Team matches, the escape of just one of the two team members is enough to win the match.

Hopefully, this clears up the confusion a bit as to which purpose each bar serves. If you're still confused, don't worry, we understand you! Keep playing and you'll surely understand the mechanics better.

For all the information on WWE 2K Battlegrounds check out the WWE 2K Battlegrounds Main Section, and the full WWE 2K Battlegrounds Controls Guide.


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