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John Morrison


Height: 6-foot-1
Weight: 223 pounds
From: Los Angeles, California
Signature Moves: Starship Pain, Running Knee, Flying Chuck, Moonlight Drive
WWE All Stars Class: Acrobat
WWE All Stars Attires: Black & Brown; MNM White (SVR 2008)

John Morrison is one of the most dynamic and exciting Superstars in WWE today. His high flying, parkour-based style is reflected in his spectacular signature and finisher moves. Morrison is a master at using the ropes to his advantage and is the only Acrobat in the game with a signature rope spring maneuver. Build up at least one bar of energy then run at the ropes, activating your finisher just before impact to launch Morrison's hard to counter Chuck Kick. Once you have the opponent in the red, get ready to launch Starship Pain, a spectacular finisher that can nail an opponent nearly anywhere in the arena!




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