AJ Styles '16
AJ Styles '16
Gender Male
Nickname / Version The Phenomenal One
Alternative Versions AJ StylesAJ StylesAJ Styles '17AJ Styles '17
Era Modern Era
Superstar Class Acrobat
Ability Style Chaotic
Alternate Gear WWE Champions '17; WrestleMania 33; The Face That Runs the Fireplace; Survivor Series '18
AJ Styles is known as "The Phenomenal One" for a reason. At the 2016 Royal Rumble "The Face that Runs the Place" made his WWE debut with an in-ring repertoire that includes graceful aerial maneuvers and lightning fast submissions. Though AJ Styles posses a tremndous amount of ability, his tendency toward devious tactics have earned him the ire of some of the WWE Universe. Whether liked or hated AJ Styles is at the top of the mountain, and has no plans of leaving.

Alternate Gear / Attires

WWE Champions 2017

WrestleMania 33

SPECIALS: Super Frankensteiner, Roaring Lariat Combo, Styles Suplex Special, Spine Breaker, Pele Kick

FINISHERS: Calf Crusher, Styles Clash

TAG LINKS: Modern Era, RAW, The Club, The Angle Alliance

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