AJ Styles (Zombie)
AJ Styles (Zombie)
Gender Male
Nickname / Version The Possessed One
Alternative Versions AJ StylesAJ Styles '17
Era Modern Era
Superstar Class Showboat
Ability Style Chaotic

The once Phenomenal AJ Styles has been mutated by some unknown force into something far less natural. The former champion's thirst for victory has transformed into a hunger for the living with an unyielding will to match. Anyone caught in the path of the now Supernatural AJ Styles, better have a cure in hand.

SPECIALS: Super Frankensteiner, Groaning Lariat Combo, Back From The Dead, Rotting Spine Breaker, Possessed Pele Kick

FINISHERS: Rancid Calf Crusher, Possessed Clash

TAG LINKS: Modern Era, Zombies, Zombies 2017-2018, Zombies 2017

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