Undertaker '94
Undertaker '94
Gender Male
Nickname / Version The Deadman
Alternative Versions UndertakerUndertaker '01Undertaker '10Undertaker '98Undertaker (MOTU)Undertaker (Zombie)
Era New Generation
Superstar Class Trickster
Ability Style Defensive

Undertaker has been known for a litany of unique matches during his career. The first Buried Alive match took place at In Your House: Buried Alive in 1996. Even though Undertaker was victorious, he was buried by his rivals, but returned a month later at Survivor Series.

SPECIALS: Old School, Leaping Clothesline, Chokeslam, Snake Eyes, Big Boot
FINISHERS: Tombstone Piledriver, Chokehold
TAG LINKS: New Generation, Brothers of Destruction, Million Dollar Corporation
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