Wrestling Empire
Game Series Independent Games
Release Date January 11, 2021
Additional Releases January 17, 2021 (iOS); January 30, 2021 (Android); July 2, 2021 (PC/Steam)
Platforms PC WindowsNintendo SwitchAndroidiOS (iPhone/iPad)
Publisher MDickie
Developer MDickie

Wrestling Empire is a wrestling game developed by MDickie. The game was released on January 11, 2021 for Nintendo Switch, January 17, 2021 for iOS, January 30, 2021 for Android, and July 2, 2021 for PC/Steam.

Official Description:

Recalling the genre's 64-bit heyday, this is wrestling that puts the fun first - filling the ring with as many wrestlers as you can handle and letting them loose with freestyle animation where anything could happen at any moment. Design matches before your very eyes with the intuitive setup process, and tag in up to 4 controllers at ANY time for old school multiplayer!

Or create your own star and embark on a career to encounter up to 350 opponents across 11 different rosters in an endless schedule of possibilities. Make the right moves backstage as well as in the ring to fight for your worth and retire with a career worth remembering. Just when you think you've seen it all, you can even save your changes to each character to make the world your own and never get bored of wrestling again!

Main Features:

  • Epic universe of 350 characters across 11 different rosters - and up to 30 of them in the ring loaded instantly! (Up to 50 on high-end PC versions.)
  • Gaming's most engrossing simulation of life as a wrestler - from contract negotiations to weekly news reports.
  • Door-to-door interactivity trusts you to make your own entrance AND walk back through the curtain.
  • Unique animation system allows any move to transition into any other at any moment for mind-blowing spots that you'll want to catch on camera!
  • Enjoy the action from different camera angles to suit any playing style.
  • Interactive tutorial makes wrestling easy to play yet satisfying to master.
  • Design matches & arenas before your very eyes with the most intuitive setup process in wrestling.
  • Tag in up to 4 friends at ANY time for old school multiplayer on the same screen.
  • Own once and forever with no micro-transactions or added costs - even as the concept continues to evolve.

The Instruction Manuel can be read here: http://www.mdickie.com/guides/wempire.pdf

The iOS & Android versions have a "Backstage Pass" which allows players on their mobile devices to instantly unlock access to the rest of the game, but only for the duration of said pass as its a subscription service.


  • Wolves: "My Time"
  • Wolves: "Warriors"
  • Wolves: "See My Name In Lights"

Official Trailer:

V1.0.1 Patch Notes

  • Focuses on new angles, but adds new storylines as well.
  • Weight class logic
  • Entire entourage previewed in the Calendar screen.
  • Joining during entrances is assigned correctly.
  • Controller icons only rendered over characters onscreen.
  • "Gimmick 10" is correctly applied as "Guest Referee".
  • Roster changes.

V1.0.2 Patch Notes

  • Wider selection of corner moves includes strikes.
  • Dedicated new double-team moves if 2 people grab an opponent at the same time.
  • More storylines and podcast topics.
  • A priority system prevents too many crowd sounds cancelling each other out in highly populated matches!
  • The title theme is restored to its correct pitch after matches.
  • Tag partners are not allowed to interfere so often.
  • Referees follow hardcore matches out of the ring.
  • Hardcore gimmicks now use more weapons.
  • Team-based ironman matches now correctly identify the leader/winner.
  • Facial scars don't disappear in "First Blood" matches to help those end quicker.
  • Escaping the cage is slightly easier.
  • Announcers are automatically added to exhibitions to meet the quota you set in the options, and they also now appear in backstage locations.
  • Using the "Hard Camera" angle backstage now faces the tunnel instead of getting stuck in it.
  • Training gains use less energy.
  • "Cloning" options are available during a career, and now include reverting recent changes.
  • It is now possible to change your facial features during a career (at an inflated cost to imply cosmetic surgery!).
  • Where the "Build" option cannot be changed, it now at least reveals your age/height/weight.
  • Names that begin with "Z" are correctly alphabetized.
  • Starting the game with insufficient disk space should warn the user that this is the issue, and allow the game to proceed without saving progress.
  • Age ratings have been down-graded in every region, which now allows the game to be distributed in New Zealand with a 13 OFLC rating.

V1.0.3 Patch Notes

  • New rear moves: Atomic Drop, Falling DDT, Reverse DDT, Reverse Suplex, Russian Legsweep, Skull Crusher, Zig Zag.
  • New front moves: Inverted Atomic Drop.
  • Calmer AI for managers at ringside.
  • Arguments are half as likely to turn someone face/heel.
  • Deceased characters are automatically unlocked.

V1.0.4 Patch Notes

  • Lower resolution on mobiles as standard, which should automatically improve performance on any compatible device.
  • Additional "Display" options allow you to tone down more things to further improve performance.
  • A new in-game camera option allows you to temporarily adjust the "Speed" of the action (although this is the opposite of improving performance and makes it work twice as hard!).
  • Health meters in tag matches are no longer limited to legal men, allowing you to touch the meter to control anybody else at any time.
  • Tag partners are not forbidden from climbing the cage.
  • Managers can enter the ring whenever the ref is not there.
  • Training is more effective depending on the attitude of your manager/partner.
  • Double count-outs eliminate anybody else at 10, resulting in a draw where necessary.

V1.0.5 Patch Notes

  • New moves: Emerald Flowsion, Inverted Piledriver, Sitting Bodyslam, Shoulder Drop, Shoulder Slam, Shoulder Powerslam, Shoulder Breaker.
  • Among the "Universe" options, "Update Movesets" allows you to distribute new moves among the characters without changing anything else (i.e. your career character will not be affected).
  • Elimination matches now indicate how many participants are left in the commentary line.
  • New podcast topics.

V1.0.6 Patch Notes

  • New moves: Air Crash, Calf Crusher, Cartwheel Takedown, Powerbomb from the legs.
  • The news no longer crashes when "Facial Expressions" are set below "Blinking".
  • Connecting an external controller overrides handheld mode.
  • Changing the control method during an entrance retains control of the same character wherever possible.
  • Starting the game with Joy-Cons (or Joy-Dual) confirms how you intend to use them.
  • Lower requirements to unlock full editing privileges (just work for every promotion instead of all titles).
  • Opponents are temporarily immune while rising to their feet to prevent spamming.
  • Training now gradually improves your attitude.
  • Fixed glitching through the corner of the ring.

V1.0.7 Patch Notes

  • On mobiles, the manual can now be accessed online via the "Training" section.
  • A new "Achievements" option allows you to see which titles you have won at each promotion.
  • Barbed wire ropes and a barbed bat.
  • Trio of "Surfboard" variations, and the "Calf Crusher" is now available from the legs.
  • You can now approach anybody to work with (or against) you via the "Roster" option. Highlighting a specific date before doing so makes that your preference.
  • A wider variety of responses makes people half as upset about being turned down. Similarly, mild disagreements are half as likely to start a new feud.
  • Upon unlocking full editing privileges with "Inherit Stats", you are able to restore backup rosters DURING a career (at your own risk!).
  • Memorial shows for deceased wrestlers, and other charity events.
  • New storylines.
  • Improved AI in Battle Royals will favour moves more likely to throw opponents out.
  • Restarting an elimination match only restarts with the winner and runner-up wherever possible.
  • Intruders who join as a wrestler announce their intentions.
  • Last Man Standing counts no longer crash without a referee.
  • 8 figure bank accounts are displayed properly and no longer crash the financial system!
  • "First Blood" gimmicks are correctly applied.
  • It's harder for Popularity to climb past 90%.
  • Explosives are less likely to explode while being held.

V1.0.8 Patch Notes

  • New hexagon ring shape.
  • Ladders as furniture (albeit not as a match type!).
  • Holding a direction while picking up (with empty hands) has a greater influence over what you aim for.
  • More storylines.
  • The news no longer crashes after switching between handheld mode and TV mode.
  • Improved controller logic allows you to switch to playing with an external controller (and back again) at any moment during a match.
  • Asymmetrical gloves are no longer charged an extra $5 repeatedly.

V1.0.9 Patch Notes

  • Lots of new weapons and destructible furniture - including boxes and trashcans.
  • New moves include Pop Up Drop, Front Suplex, Fisherman's Suplex, Underhook Suplex, Underhook DDT, Tiger Driver, Crucifix Powerbomb.
  • Doubled the amount of furniture allowed in exhibitions.
  • Rings are prohibited in venues that are too small for them.
  • The crown icon is only displayed over the leader(s) in a multiple falls match if it is not already obvious.
  • Pressing either side of a health meter changes characters in that direction (wherever possible).
  • Rising immunity no longer affects the kneeling state.
  • Fixed non-existent promo that was holding up the career mode.

V1.1.0 Patch Notes

  • Optional button size on mobiles (with fewer conflicts when pinching in the middle to change the camera!).
  • Holding away attempts to block attacks wherever possible (including using weapons as a shield!). This is also now part of the "Striking" tutorial.
  • Larger weapon strikes risk slamming back into your own face to prevent spamming, and falling down with them risks being crushed.
  • New "Sling Blade" move.
  • Fisherman's Suplex can now smash furniture.
  • Moves are half as likely to knock other people over.
  • Improved AI keeps referees from staying too close to wrestlers.
  • Managers can enter the ring when referees are down.
  • Career matches between CPU wrestlers override the options to be shorter.
  • Renewing a contract no longer removes your existing relationships.
  • Interferences are less likely to be neutral.
  • "Shoot Fight" gimmick no longer overrides "Countdown" rules.
  • News no longer crashes when there is nothing to report.
  • You can now tag partners as you find them - such as crawling towards them or reaching up to them on the turnbuckle.
  • Tag matches receive an additional 5 minutes in any setting above "Short".
  • Health is restored more slowly in tag matches.
  • Lying limbs are pushed away from the edges of walls to reduce clipping.

V1.1.1 Patch Notes

  • A special rear move allows you to lift an opponent onto your shoulders for somebody to bring down with ANY attack! Use "Update Movesets" to assign it to the Pick Up command for any strong character.
  • Other new rear moves include One Winged Angel, Electric Chair, Reverse Hurricanrana, Reverse Plancha.
  • New front moves include MDKO, Kiss Of Death, Headlock Drop.
  • Lots of new taunts and promo gestures.
  • Blind tags are now possible from within any standing grapple.
  • "Hair Vs Hair", "Mask Vs Mask" and "Loser Leaves" stipulations are now part of the career mode, and also available in Exhibitions after you have worked for every promotion.
  • Commentary work now challenges you to make a prediction about the match!
  • Alternative promos for starting school and other new storylines.
  • After working for every promotion, Pro users can now choose to unlock all other characters (except for Legends).
  • Although emptying a roster is strongly discouraged, it no longer crashes the game.
  • Illogical rule combinations are discouraged.
  • Negotiating "Creative Control" overrides any previous agreements.
  • Referees can once again be assigned to venues with no ring.

V1.1.2 Patch Notes

  • Higher resolution texturing for the crowd and ring apron on iOS.
  • Pressing Attack + Grapple from the rear allows you to hold somebody back to be hit by another. Pressing Run + Pick-Up does a shoulder lift for any suitably strong character.
  • Other new rear moves include Tiger Suplex.
  • New front moves: Screwdriver, Falcon Arrow, and various Powerbomb / Pop-Up variations.
  • Improved collision detection stops grapples being affected by people wandering in between - including flying grapples off the shoulders, with better filtering of incompatible moves.
  • "Real" photos are taken less often and discouraged on Switch, as it can cause the animation to stutter. A new option makes them "Audible" if you'd like to hear.
  • Lighting now changes for certain matches or storylines, and is optional in exhibitions.
  • Wherever there's a choice, CPU wrestlers are less likely to target friends and more likely to target enemies.
  • Skipping an entrance during an embrace no longer crashes

V1.1.3 Patch Notes

  • Entrances can now be accompanied by different pyro effects!
  • New storylines.
  • New taunts.
  • New front move: Tilt-a-Whirl Head Scissors.
  • Opponents can wander around dizzy from stray blows or getting up too quickly (in this state your movement input is reversed!).
  • Blackouts are accompanied by a sound effect.
  • Character animations are more stable upon entering a new screen.
  • Throw outs no longer hit the person who threw them out!
  • Stats such as Attitude are harder to level up the higher they get.
  • Third Person camera can now sit in front of a character as well as behind (which is better for entrances).
  • Long lists scroll to the correct place at any resolution.
  • Inter-promotional results no longer affect the popularity of Wrestling School.
  • More pressure to improve at Wrestling School.
  • Thin health meters are offset to stay inside the black border.

V1.1.4 Patch Notes

  • Titles are worn in most other screens, and intruders enter holding such props.
  • New "Arm Drag" move that ends in its own "Kneeling Arm Bar" hold.
  • New "Reverse Arm Bar" hold, with transitions to or from any other.
  • Reverse Guillotine transition and Dragon Sleepers can now be reversed.
  • New storylines involve different forms of bribery!
  • Corrupt referees are more tolerant of their allies and no longer chase them out or confiscate their weapons.
  • Promos only use microphones in front of a crowd.
  • "Hair vs Hair" wins are now accompanied by a sound effect and cut hairs!
  • Title changes are celebrated with in-ring fireworks.
  • Tag teams wrestle as a team more often than not.
  • Wrestlers switch promotions less often.
  • Wins & losses are more significant based on the Popularity of those involved.
  • The women's title is only acknowledged when a roster has at least 2 females to sustain the division.
  • Move animations are only changed after they have settled in for a moment, which makes chain wrestling slightly less chaotic.
  • Dizziness is half as common.

V1.1.5 Patch Notes

  • Career matches can now "Simulate Result" via the pause menu.
  • Options are now saved upon being changed.
  • Team-mates ask to synchronize costumes less often, and are more tolerant of being denied.
  • Title shots are honored without any gimmicks.

V1.1.6 Patch Notes

  • New rear moves: Torture Rack, Burning Hammer.
  • Lots of new storylines.
  • Abused team-mates or staff complain or walk out.
  • Faster gamepad scrolling through long lists in the Editor.
  • Controllers with 2 shoulder buttons can change focus in either direction.
  • Fixed news crashing because of props.

V1.1.7 Patch Notes

  • New front moves (and kick counters!) include Enziguri & Dragon Screw.
  • New storylines involve having your clothes stolen!
  • Title belts appear as props in the weekly news.
  • Arguments with team-mates no longer cause the match to restart.
  • Backstage camera starts in front of the people more often than not.
  • Blood stains take slightly longer to disappear.

V1.1.8 Patch Notes

  • The "Training" lessons are now depicted as a wrestling card.
  • Improved AI in tutorials.
  • Sparring no longer requests to save non-existent progress.
  • Memorials for deceased wrestlers.
  • More hit points regardless of the "Match Length" option.
  • Improved physics on rope dives when the victim is too close to the ring.
  • Stripped costumes have bare feet.
  • Refusing pay cuts is better tolerated - especially with the "Iron Clad" clause!
  • Changing aspects of your gimmick to zero no longer costs any money.
  • Contracts can be changed with left or right directions as well as buttons.

V1.1.9 Patch Notes

  • Wider variety of crowd sprites and signs.
  • More news topics with a wider variety of background images.
  • New front moves: Torture Rack (over one shoulder), Reverse Shoulder Breaker, Reverse Shoulder Slam (Dominator), Over Shoulder Neckbreaker.
  • Low blows from the front or back, or at the legs on the ground.
  • Controller command for swapping roster slots changed to holding the select button instead of tapping, which is more in line with touch controls.
  • Holding both shoulder buttons while choosing the "Career" option will automatically restart without having to go through the retirement process.
  • Frozen animations are eventually fixed.
  • Enemies are called out instead of friends!
  • Forgiving friendly fire no longer derails the conversation.
  • Fixed flying Enziguri impact.
  • Improved compatibility with iOS 14.6.

V1.2.0 Patch Notes

  • PC frame rate fixed on displays above 60Hz.
  • Bribe referee storyline nowhere near as common.
  • Low blows less common, and not up turnbuckles.

V1.2.1 Patch Notes

  • New booking mode allows you to take control of an entire promotion!
  • "Achievements" are accessible via the main menu to make them more prominent, as they now include booking appointments.
  • The requirement to work for each promotion before fully unlocking the game has been removed for paid users.
  • You can now preview information in meetings by holding over the top corner of the screen (or pressing either shoulder button).
  • TV ratings are made clear each week in a chart.
  • In the editor, dragging a name box off the screen or over the company logo will automatically release them to another roster.
  • Improved logic in automatic additions to Exhibition matches - such as finding someone's preferred partner or opponent.
  • Fixed bug that crashed careers in promotions with less than 4 characters.
  • Flying kicks connect higher more often than not.
  • Movesets only offer to update if there is indeed something to update to.
  • You can change the era in the Universe options, which will reset the year and offset any title histories.

V1.2.2 Patch Notes

  • You can now tap the health meter of your target to instantly control them.
  • Tapping a stat filter again deselects it.
  • New "Immediate Start" contract clause in booking mode.
  • Contract negotiations end more abruptly on a negative statement.
  • Mismatched scores and injuries are not considered to be "close".
  • New "Busy Matches" preference, with better balancing on the scores of matches with more than 2 people.
  • Attendance records are saved and restored properly.
  • Refusing to imitate a costume now successfully restores the old one.

V1.2.3 Patch Notes

  • Mobile subscriptions are honoured across both game modes at no extra cost.
  • Costume changes are charged to the promotion in booking mode.

V1.2.4 Patch Notes

  • Arenas are once again attended properly each week in career mode.
  • Tag Team matches are cast properly with 4 wrestlers instead of 2.
  • Each new year in one career also resets the schedule of the other (and previously affected years should be fixed automatically).
  • Dragging a name box off the screen or over the company logo should now release them to another roster without crashing.
  • Meetings initiated by you no longer skip to the next week.
  • Employees with "Title Push" or "Creative Control" clauses cannot be denied a requested spot.
  • Teams hold out for the "Nepotism" clause half as often - especially when renewing with an existing company.
  • Changes to the ratings of other promotions are more subtle each week.
  • Ads are only shown after the news in booking mode.

V1.2.5 Patch Notes

  • New "Vice Grip" head move.
  • Remastered face textures no longer rely on placeholder images.
  • Deceased wrestlers can regenerate as somebody else!
  • Higher end PC's can now increase the cast to 50 wrestlers.
  • The highest/lowest rated segments are recorded and acknowledged in the news.
  • Human players only roll out of the ring with the run command.
  • Low blows and dizziness are not as common.
  • Can no longer dash when dizzy.
  • Repeatedly spamming the same move is less entertaining (unless it's a finisher).
  • New "Hot Crowd" preference always pops at full volume!
  • Territories that like faces or heels always see chemistry in those wrestlers.
  • Any territory that charges higher ticket prices but dislikes women will attract criticism.
  • Ticket sales are donated at memorials & charity events.
  • Employees with a "No Compete" clause are always released back to school.
  • Fixed typos in some dialogue.
  • Titles can change hands on a DQ in ironman matches.
  • Unused wrestlers only complain relative to how healthy they were.
  • As a booker, your character is always 50% tired.

Modes of Play

  • Play means just that! There are 3 modes in this section. The first being Training, where you'll learn the game's controls. You'll learn about Footwork, Striking, Grappling, Showmanship, and Weapons, before concluding with some Sparring. The second mode is Exhibition, where you can create your own matches with up to 30 wrestlers (Up to 50 on high-end PC versions) and play with up to 4 players via old-school multiplayer. CPU matches can be played by pressing the "Back" button instead of choosing a character. This mode is locked on Mobile versions until you buy the Backstage Pass, or complete Training Mode. The third mode is Career, where you start at Wrestling School and engage in a very in-depth Wrestling Career, and unlock additional characters if you meet them. On the Career screen, you'll be greeted with a menu that shows the calendar and what options you have. Roster allows you to check on the roster in your career, Gimmick allows you to edit and train your character with the available options, and Database lets you look at various stats like most popular promotion, oldest wrestler, win ratio and more. You can also retire at any point in your career, and retiring once you start your career will have the game mock your selected character on the newspaper. You will be able to start in any promotion once you win a belt in all of the promotions.
  • Upgrade is an iOS exclusive mode, where you can buy the Backstage Pass and gain access to the rest of the game straight away. Please note that this will not unlock everything in the game, but give you access to the other modes within the game without having to complete Training first.
  • Nintendo eShop is only seen in the demo of the game where you can buy the full version of the product.
  • Editor allows you to select any of the 350 playable characters and customize them to your liking, or create someone new whilst replacing the original character.
  • Options allow you to customise some other aspects of the game, you can learn more about them when you scroll down further.



As well as the news that covers the matches you participated in and how the outcome went for each participant, Wrestling Review also covers the rest of the game and tells you what has been happening. News will also happen during your booked show and what's been going on in the wrestling world. Here's a list of News you'll encounter in the Career & Booking Modes.

  • 5-Star Classic - Footage of an engrossing wrestling match goes viral.
  • Apology Tour - A wrestler's reputation has been further damaged after apologizing for referring to the contested region as a country.
  • Attendance Record - A promotion's attendance in a territory becomes the highest ever recorded.
  • Back in Action - A wrestler recovers from their injury and looks forward to getting back into the ring.
  • Back to Work - A wrestler returns from their absence and is ready to get back to work.
  • Backstage Brawl - A fight erupts backstage between two wrestlers, leaving them both bruised up.
  • Bad Influence - A wrestler's stats can be negatively affected by the association of another wrestler.
  • Best in Show - An online poll identifies a wrestler as the best one in their promotion. The stat chosen, including money, is random.
  • Best in the World - An online poll identifies a wrestler as the best one in the world. The stat chosen, including money, is random.
  • Big Draw - A promotion's ratings have increased since a wrestler became their main champion.
  • Blood Money - A promotion's been criticized for compromising their values to stage a show in a certain territory.
  • Botchamania - A wrestler's botched spot from a recent match gets mocked online.
  • Breaking Bad - A wrestler turns Heel.
  • Campus Culture - A wrestler's speaking tour has been mired in controversy after sharing some inflammatory views with the students.
  • Cancel Culture - A wrestler has been villified for expressing an independent thought on social media.
  • Career Killer - A wrestler has been branded as negligent for injuring another opponent during the match.
  • Champion(s) Stripped - The Champion or Champions are stripped of their title due to being unable to defend them.
  • Coming Soon - The player is booked into a match against an opponent later on in their career.
  • Contract Extension - A wrestler renews their contract in their current promotion.
  • Critical Condition - A wrestler's injury is worse than at first thought and may not recover for some additional time.
  • Cult Following - A cult following of fans in a certain territory have risen up in support of a promotion.
  • Doctor Death - A wrestler is blamed for the death of another wrestler after their recent match.
  • Double Up - A wrestler forms a new tag team with another wrestler.
  • Empty Nest - A wrestler is sad that a wrestler they like has left the promotion.
  • End of the Rainbow - A promotion abandons their quest for equality in any region where it would actually make a difference.
  • Everybody Talks Too Much - A wrestler was overheard calling spots in a recent match and has been ridiculed online.
  • Excellence of Execution - A wrestler's skills have considerably improved in recent weeks.
  • Fancy Footwork - A wrestler's agility has considerably improved in recent weeks.
  • Favoured Nations - As their contract stipulates, a wrestler's salary can be adjusted to match that of another wrestler.
  • Fight for Your Rights - A wrestler has successfully led a campaign against their own promotion to improve the rights of everybody on the roster.
  • Free Agent - A wrestler has been released from a promotion and is sent back to Wrestling School.
  • Fresh Meat - A promotion discovers a new (randomly-generated) wrestler to replace a wrestler who died.
  • Friends in High Places - A wrestler's association with another wrestler has a positive effect on one of their stats.
  • Friend Request - A wrestler in one promotion develops a friendship with a wrestler from another promotion.
  • Game of Thrones - A wrestler is hired by a promotion to be their new booker.
  • Game Over - Your Career is quickly recapped. Retiring before or after your first Career match will see the game mock you.
  • Getting Over - A promotion's popularity increases in recent weeks.
  • Getting Stronger - A wrestler's strength has considerably improved in recent weeks.
  • Good Company - A wrestler's association with another wrestler establishes the wrestler as a Face.
  • Good Riddance - A wrestler is happy that someone they don't like has left the promotion.
  • Greatest Show on Earth - A promotion overtakes a less popular promotion to become the most popular one with high ratings.
  • Growth Spurt - A wrestler has gotten taller.
  • Grudge Match - A wrestler from one promotion develops a rivalry with a wrestler from another promotion.
  • Handle With Care - A wrestler's stamina has deteriorated considerably in recent weeks.
  • Happy New Year! - A wrestler's career is looked back upon as he/she gets a year older. Happy Birthday to You!
  • Head Shrinker - A wrestler gets smaller in height.
  • Heel Heat - The fans insist on treating a wrestler as a Heel, despite their efforts to play Face.
  • High Energy - A wrestler feels great and is in perfect health.
  • Hostile Reception - A wrestler is unhappy that a wrestler they don't like has joined a promotion.
  • In Memory Of - The industry comes together to stage a special tribute in memory of a recently passed away wrestler.
  • Keeping Up Appearances - A wrestler's profile suffers due to a lack of exposure in recent weeks.
  • King of the Ring - In their quest for privacy, a wrestler marries into the Royal Family and agrees to be interviewed by the most famous broadcaster on earth.
  • Land Grab - One promotion ousts another in a country after drawing more fans, thus extending their reach.
  • Left Out - A wrestler is upset that they weren't used on last week's show.
  • Lip Service - A promotion's profile has risen after pretending to champion a fashionable cause wherever it's convenient to do so.
  • Locker Room Leader - A wrestler's presence on a promotion's roster inspires everybody to improve themselves.
  • Losing Viewers - A promotion's product comes under criticism in recent weeks with plummeting ratings.
  • Lost in Translation - Despite a wrestler's efforts to learn a language, he/she angers a foreign government after accidentally referring to an occupied region as a country.
  • Masterclass - A wrestler will visit a school to inspire students.
  • Me Too - A wrestler's reputation is in tatters after someone remembers that that wrestler sexually abused them years ago.
  • Million Dollar Man - A wrestler is congratulated for becoming a millionaire.
  • Mission Impossible - A wrestler has been challenged by the Booker to improve by a certain date.
  • Model Employee - A wrestler's attitude has considerably improved in recent weeks.
  • Moving On - A wrestler leaves one promotion and starts working at another promotion.
  • New Arrival - A wrestler arrives to work for their new promotion.
  • New Champion - New champions are crowned, either by defeating the opposition, or being given them due to injury.
  • No Show - A promotion's proposed show has been cancelled. This also appears if a wrestler doesn't turn up for a show, making them unavailable for that week.
  • Old News - A wrestler's profile drops after criticism from the press.
  • Old Rivals - A feud between two wrestlers appears to have lost momentum and is no longer over with the fans.
  • Out of Touch - A wrestler's skills have deteriorated considerably in recent weeks.
  • Over Qualified - A wrestler's status is compromised by a promotion's limitations.
  • Paper Champion - A title becomes vacant, so a promotion is looking to crown a new champion as soon as possible.
  • Paralyzed - A wrestler suffers an extremely serious injury in an accident and is rushed to hospital, where they're feared to be paralyzed, leaving their career in jeopardy.
  • Piling on the Pounds - A wrestler gains more weight.
  • Political Animal - A wrestler needlessly alienates half of their audience by expressing a naive political opinion on social media.
  • Power Cut - A wrestler's strength has considerably deteriorated in recent weeks.
  • Problem Child - A wrestler's attitude has deteriorated considerably in recent weeks.
  • Rest in Peace - A wrestler dies from various circumstances, and can even die during a match. Promotions usually hold Tribute Shows afterwards.
  • Retirement Plan - A wrestler decides to retire from professional wrestling and heads to Hollywood.
  • Rock Bottom - One promotion has sunk below another to become the least popular brand of wrestling.
  • Sacrilege - A wrestler damages the reputation of their promotion by showing up at another promotion with their championship.
  • Seperate Ways - A Tag Team breaks up.
  • Sex Scandal - A wrestler's reputation is in tatters after naked images of him/her were leaked online.
  • Sign of the Times - After being exposed to a different promotion's product, the audience in a territory develop a new preference and/or a new distaste for things.
  • Slow Motion - A wrestler's agility has deteriorated considerably in recent weeks.
  • Sold Out - A promotion poaches a wrestler from another promotion in a big financial deal.
  • Strip Tease - A wrestler's title reign gets criticized for making a mockery of a promotion's division.
  • The Biggest Loser - A wrestler has lost weight.
  • The End is Nigh - A wrestler's contract with a promotion expires next week and could be the wrestler's last appearance. This also pops up when the contract expires.
  • The Enemy Within - A wrestler has been fired from a promotion after attempting to lead a union against its booker.
  • The Next Big Thing - A wrestler's profile rises considerably after being hyped by the press.
  • Too Good to be Bad - The fans insist on treating a wrestler as a Face, despite their attempts to play Heel.
  • Tough Enough - A wrestler's stamina has considerably improved in recent weeks.
  • Transfer Window - A wrestler's contract within a promotion has expired, which may be an ideal time to poach them for another promotion.
  • Turn Off - A promotion's ratings have slumped since a wrestler became their main champion.
  • Turn the Other Cheek - A wrestler turns Face.
  • Under New Management - A wrestler now wrestles under the management of another wrestler.
  • Under the Weather - A wrestler contracts an illness and is in poor health.
  • Virtue Signal - A wrestler's reputation improves after expressing a fashionable opinion in lockstep with other celebrities.
  • Vital Statistics - Looking back on the previous year, a wrestler's win percentage from all their matches is looked at.
  • Warm Welcome - A wrestler is happy that another wrestler has joined a promotion.
  • Worst Promotion Ever - A promotion sinks below another promotion to become the least popular brand of wrestling.
  • X Rated - A wrestler's profile has risen after an appearance in an adult magazine.


During your Career, you'll encounter various scenes and you may even be given choices which will change the outcome of the scene, affect any of your attributes, or even wind up in a Confrontation. Here's a list of Cutscenes you'll encounter in the Career Mode.

  • Another Dose - A wrestler cuts a promo on his opponent, praising him/her for coming out to fight them again despite the opponent losing to him/her, and promises another beating.
  • Another Match? - The Booker is struggling to fill up a card and asks a wrestler to work another match for the night.
  • Anything You Can Do... - The Booker asks a wrestler if he/she has heard of another wrestler, then says that they can do the gimmick better than them. If the player has no Creative Control on the contract, there's no choice.
  • Audience Poll - Decided by the audience, this decides what the match has been set up to be, then the Referee goes over the rules.
  • A Change of Heart - The Booker asks the player if they'd like to turn Heel or Face, depending on their current alignment. If the player has no Creative Control on the contract, there's no choice.
  • A Taste of Things to Come - A rival interferes in a wrestler's match before their scheduled match.
  • A Threat to the Streak - A wrestler reminds the audience of their current undefeated streak. The opponent looks to break that streak.
  • Backup? - A wrestler has a match coming up and is unsure if he/she will win the match. They offer another wrestler some money to manage them.
  • Bad Attitude - A wrestler expresses their disdain on having to wrestle their opponent in a match. The opponent retorts that he/she can run rings around him/her before the match starts.
  • Bad Blood - A wrestler loses their patience and wants to fight the other wrestler now backstage. Accepting the challenge will lead to a Confrontation.
  • Best of Luck in Your Future Endeavors - The Booker releases a wrestler from his/her expired contract and is sent back to Wrestling School.
  • Betrayal - A partner betrays another wrestler on the same team mid-match.
  • Big Mistake - A wrestler blames the special referee for their loss and threatens to end that wrestler's career after a match.
  • Bogus Decision - A wrestler protests the decision and asks the opponent to restart the match. Accepting the offer will restart the match.
  • Break? - The Booker notices that a wrestler is not in good condition and offers the wrestler to take the night off.
  • Breaking Up - A wrestler is thankful to the other wrestler for being in a team together, then says it's time to break up the team. Refusing to break the team will keep the team intact. This can also happen with a Manager.
  • Bury the Hatchet - A wrestler is sick of feuding with another wrestler and asks him/her to bury the hatchet with their rivalry.
  • Changing Clothes - The Booker gives the player a change of clothes and asks if the player wants to accept them or not. If the player has no Creative Control on the contract, there's no choice.
  • Contract Signing - The Booker of another promotion offers a wrestler a contract to work for them. This is bypassed if a wrestler has a No Compete or Iron Clad clause on their current contract.
  • Corrupt Referee? - Before the match, a wrestler demands the special referee to call it down the middle, or get beaten up after the match.
  • Create a Team? - A wrestler offers another wrestler if they'd like to form a team or not.
  • Dangerous Things Happen - A wrestler wishes another wrestler the best of luck in their upcoming match, only to then threaten them unless he/she pays the wrestler some money. Refusal to give the wrestler some money will initiate a Confrontation.
  • Dealing With Someone - A wrestler asks another wrestler to beat up another wrestler in a Confrontation. Accepting the offer will see the player in the Confrontation and will get paid for doing so.
  • Drugs? - A wrestler offers another wrestler some drugs in exchange for money. Accepting them will see a stat boost.
  • Expiring Contract - A wrestler talks about their expiring contract before the match starts.
  • Exposed! - A wrestler exposes another wrestler for taking drugs backstage before the match starts.
  • Fill In as a Commentator - A wrestler is asked by their booker to be a commentator due to staff shortage. Accepting the role will reward the player some money and will instantly take the player to a match.
  • Fill In as a Referee - A wrestler is asked by their booker to be a referee due to staff shortage. Accepting the role will reward the player some money and will instantly take the player to a match.
  • Filling Some Boots - A wrestler offers another wrestler to be their protege. Accepting the offer will see your wrestler dressed exactly like the other wrestler, as well as that wrestler being your manager.
  • Financial Difficulties - One wrestler asks another wrestler to lend him/her some money to help their finances.
  • Friends Reunited - A wrester from another promotion reunites with their friend who works at another promotion and offers the friend to join the other promotion.
  • Guess Who's Back? - A returning wrester cuts a Face or Heel promo depending on their alignment after coming back from an injury before the match starts.
  • I Decide - A wrestler or referee decides who another wrestler is and calls that wrestler a loser.
  • I Have a Dream - A wrestler expresses their goals in the promotion before the match starts.
  • I Have a Manager - A wrestler promotes that he/she has a Manager now.
  • Injured? I Don't Buy It! - The Booker criticizes a wrestler's supposed injury, not buying the story, and tells them to come to work.
  • It Has Begun - When you play your first match in this mode, you'll be introduced by the Referee.
  • I've Had Enough! - A wrestler terminates their working relationship with another wrestler before the match starts.
  • Keeping Count of Championships - A wrestler reminds the fans on how many titles he/she have won so far.
  • Keeping Count of Wins - A wrestler reminds the fans on their current winning streak.
  • Looking Bad - A wrestler is angry at another wrestler for making him/her look bad before the match starts.
  • Manager? - A wrestler asks another if he/she would like to be their manager for a price.
  • Name Change - The Booker gives a wrestler a new name and asks if the player wants to go ahead or not. If the player has no Creative Control on the contract, there's no choice.
  • New Attitude - A wrestler cuts a Face or Heel promo depending on what their alignment previously was and cements their turn before the match starts.
  • New Gestures? - The Booker asks a wrestler if they'd like some new gestures or not. Accepting the new gestures will replace the old ones. If the player has no Creative Control on the contract, there's no choice.
  • New Haircut? - The Booker asks a wrestler how they feel after being given a new hairstyle. If the player has no Creative Control on the contract, there's no choice.
  • New Moves? - The Booker asks a wrestler on changing their move set. If the player has no Creative Control on the contract, there's no choice.
  • No Spot - The Booker reminds a wrestler that there's no spot for them on the card this week. Use this to train your wrestler.
  • Open Challenge - The Referee and also Champion creates an Open Challenge, allowing whoever wins the match to face him/her for the title.
  • Order WILL be Enforced! - The Referee notices things are out of control and will make sure order's enforced. The referee also threatens the participants that he/she will attack them if they attack him/her.
  • Out of Their Depth - A wrestler berates another wrestler for being out of their depth, and proclaims that he/she is the bigger star.
  • Paying Tribute - The wrestlers pay tribute to a recently deceased wrestler before the match begins.
  • Podcast - A wrestler is the guest of an interview in a podcast. The player must then answer 3 questions.
  • Poor State - A wrestler berates their opponent for showing up to a match in bad condition.
  • Reignite the Fire - The booker of another promotion offers a wrestler a contract to return and reignite a rivalry with another wrestler.
  • Restart the Match! - The Referee is ordered by the Booker, or someone backstage, or the Referee has second thoughts on the decision and decides to restart the match after the match ends.
  • Retire? - The Booker asks a wrestler if he or she is sure that they wish to retire from wrestling.
  • Retribution - A wrestler seeks retribution against another wrestler who beat them in a previous match.
  • Rule Check - The Referee goes over the rules of the match.
  • Soon It Will Be Mine! - A wrestler defeats a Champion and proves that the Title that he/she hasn't won yet belongs to them.
  • Surprise Partner - A wrestler informs their opponents of a surprise partner.
  • Takeout - A wrestler offers another wrestler to take out their opponent before their match. Refusing this will lead to a Confrontation. Accepting this will cost you money, but will see your opponent get injured before the match starts.
  • Taking the Blame - One wrestler blames another for losing their match.
  • Time For Payback - A wrestler gloats about betraying another wrestler. The other wrestler seeks payback for last week.
  • Time For a Change - The Booker commands a wrestler to fulfill an objective before a certain week. Failure to comply will either see the wrestler be fired and sent back into Wrestling School, or be forced to retire, or if the wrestler has been making good progress but still failed, get more time to complete the task or let that wrestler remain in the promotion due to good progress. Completing the task will award the player with some money. However, no punishment will be made against the wrestler if they fail and have an "Iron Clad" contract.
  • To Be The Man... - A champion berates a wrestler for not beating him/her, despite the opponent winning the match.
  • Unionization - A wrestler asks another wrestler to unionize with them to fight for equal rights for the entire roster against the booker in protest.
  • United Front - A partner offers a wrestler to wear the same clothes as they do to show the team means business.
  • We're Going to Rule! - A team of wrestlers including a manager cut a promo that they will rule over the promotion they're in.
  • What Shall We Do? - The booker hears of a union and asks a wrestler to stop the union. The wrestler does have the option to refuse and say that it must succeed which will make the booker unhappy.
  • Won Thanks to an Assist - A wrestler berates another wrestler for winning thanks to their manager or partner.


  • The Venue can be an Indoor Arena, Outdoor Arena, Large Arena, Backstage, Office, or Studio.
  • The Crowd can be adjusted from 0% (Empty), can go up in increments of 5 up to 100% (Full), or can be Virtual ala WWE's Thunderdome.
  • The Ring can be customized with any colours you see fit! Whilst customising your Ring, you can select your Preset, which can be any of the 16 available ones, or have no Ring at all. You can change the Ring Shape, be it Square, Hexagon, or None, its size from 70% to 100%. Have a Wire, Blue Steel, Black, or no Cage. Have a White, Black, Blue, Cream, Green, Wrestling Empire, Weekend Warriors, Federation Online, Super Lucha Libre, Maple Leaf Grappling, Rising Sun Puroresu, Strong Style Wrestling, All American Wrestling, or Wrestling Revolution Canvases. Have Standard, Plain, WR, AAW, SSW, RSP, MLG, SLL, FedOn, WeekW, WresSchool, or WresEmp (Dark or Light) Aprons. Have Dark, or Light Posts. Have Plain or Logo (Dark or Light) Pads. Have White, Red, Blue, Black, Yellow, Cream, Orange, Pink, Green, Red/White/Blue, Yellow/Orange/Red, Red/Orange/Yellow, Blue/Black/Yellow, Blue/White/Yellow, Green/White/Red, Red/Orange/White, Exploding Barbed Wire, Barbed Wire, or No Ropes. Have Black, Blue, Brown, White, or No Matting.
  • Up to 30 Furniture can be placed with Selections of Standard, Tables, Office Chairs, Announce Desks, Steps, Desks, Benches, or Ladders, and the Layout can be Random, Inside the ring, or out of it. Up to 90 Weapons can be placed with Selections of Random, Microphones, Cameras, Bells, Explosives, Baseball Bats, Chairs, Cage Pieces, Wooden Boards, Table Pieces, Table Legs, or Barbed Bats, and the Layout choices are the same.


  • Presets can be Singles, Best of 3, Ironman, Last Laugh, Submission, Last Man Standing, Street Fight, First Blood, Sumo Contest, Shoot Fight, Triple Threat, Handicap, Tag Team, Tag Elimination, Team, War, Elimination, Battle Royal, Countdown Battle Royal, Countdown Elimination, Gauntlet, Escape to Victory, Furniture Smash, Hardcore, Training, or Confrontation.
  • Formats can be Individuals, Teams, Tag Teams, Surprise Intervals, or Planned Intervals.
  • Rules can be Strict, Hardcore, or Lenient.
  • Aim can be 1st Fall Wins, Best of 3, Most Falls Wins, Last Fall Wins, Elimination, or Aimless.
  • Falls can be Pins, Pins & Submissions, Submissions, or None.
  • Matches can last up to 30 Minutes, or have No Time Limit. The Intervals can last up to 30 minutes or less.
  • Stoppages can be either No Health, 10 Count KO, Blood, Smashes, or None.
  • Rewards are optional, but are set to Non Title by default.
  • Count Outs can be either Fast Count, Slow Count, Instant Elimination, Instant Victory, or None.

Cast [Real names will be placed within these brackets]

Wrestling Revolution

  1. Ackrite (Original)
  2. All Cobain (Original)
  3. Baby Bull (Original)
  4. Berlaine (Original)
  5. Big Bob Orson (Original)
  6. Boomtown (Original)
  7. Boston Blufly (Original)
  8. Buddy Buchanan (Original)
  9. Cast (Original)
  10. Driver 88 (Original)
  11. Endon Sezzer (Original)
  12. Especial (Original)
  13. Flick Thug (Original)
  14. Geno White (Original)
  15. Infinite Best (Original)
  16. Leon Locke (Original)
  17. Major Merc (Original)
  18. Mat Dickie (Himself)
  19. Midwinter (Original)
  20. Miss Viola (Original)
  21. Monica Marquez (Original / Herself)
  22. Needles (Original)
  23. Outlaw Eaton (Original)
  24. Red Eye (Original)
  25. Rex (Original)
  26. Samantha Panther (Original)
  27. Scally (Original)
  28. Sergeant Acer (Original)
  29. Stormer (Original)
  30. Tony Land (Original)
  31. Whack Ax (Original)
  32. Whack Oz (Original)
  33. Widow (Original)
  34. Woodrow (Original)
  35. Yap Massacre (Original)

All American Wrestling

  1. Aftershock [Earthquake]
  2. Battering Ron [Demolition Ax]
  3. Beckie Lane [Mickie James]
  4. Bill Dozer [Demolition Smash]
  5. Bird Boy [Koko B. Ware]
  6. Bubba Hyena [Bobby Heenan]
  7. Chief Breaker [Big Boss Man]
  8. Chief Chavo [Tatanka]
  9. Errol Hathaway [Earl Hebner]
  10. Glitter Arty [Goldust]
  11. Graffiti [Brian Knobbs]
  12. Gruesome Sharon [Luna Vachon]
  13. Hattie Harley [Molly Holly]
  14. High Note [Honky Tonk Man]
  15. Jessie Bell [Nikki Bella]
  16. Jester [Doink the Clown]
  17. Jigsaw Jeremy [Jim Duggan]
  18. Judgment Dave [Sid Justice]
  19. Lance Monaco [Mr. McMahon]
  20. Mat Showman [Randy Savage]
  21. Matty McFly [Marty Jannetty]
  22. Mick Bently [Gean Okerlund]
  23. Mike Shawshot [Shawn Michaels]
  24. Miss Match [Miss Elizabeth]
  25. Monty Python [Jake Roberts]
  26. Mr Benjamins [Ted DiBiase]
  27. Paper Cut [Irwin R. Schyster]
  28. Perfect Sean [Mr. Perfect]
  29. Persian Thug [Iron Sheik]
  30. Pyro [Bam Bam Bigelow]
  31. Safari [Jimmy Snuka]
  32. Slasher Sweeney [Brutus Beefcake]
  33. Splatter [Jerry Sags]
  34. Wide Tide [Typhoon]
  35. Wreck [Crush]

Strong Style Wrestling

  1. Abysmal [Abyss]
  2. Air Miles [AJ Styles]
  3. Alpha Mel [Kenny Omega]
  4. Amber Lance [Jon Moxley]
  5. Angel Dust [Christopher Daniels]
  6. Anton Apex [Austin Aries]
  7. Blood Brother [Brother Devon]
  8. Bloody Lee [Bully Ray]
  9. Bruiser O'Lay [Samoa Joe]
  10. Buddy Brew [Bobby Roode]
  11. Calvin Steam [Kevin Owens]
  12. Coder [Cody Rhodes]
  13. Demento [Sabu]
  14. Dominator [Rob Van Dam]
  15. Dragon Ryan [Daniel Bryan]
  16. Drew Durham [Lance Storm]
  17. Ellie Knotts [Aubrey Edwards]
  18. Ghetto Child [Taz]
  19. Gravitas [PAC]
  20. Jake Obscene [Justin Credible]
  21. Jerry Buckler [Jeff Jarrett]
  22. Joel Hardon [Jeff Hardy]
  23. Keith Dewback [Jerry Lynn]
  24. King David [Finn Balor]
  25. Lola [Lita]
  26. Martini [Brandi Rhodes]
  27. Mean Jean [Raven]
  28. Midnight [Paige]
  29. Miles Hardon [Matt Hardy]
  30. Mo Qi [Low Ki]
  31. Money Mark [Tony Khan]
  32. Russell Haystacks [Paul Heyman]
  33. Samsara [Awesome Kong]
  34. Scott Land [Drew McIntyre]
  35. Silk Siren [Velvet Sky]

Rising Sun Puroresu

  1. Akari Sachiko (Original)
  2. Anton Chinoki [Antonbio Inoki]
  3. Bobby Southside [Terry Funk]
  4. Bully May [Bull Nakano]
  5. Buttermonk [Riki Choshu]
  6. Canado [Tetsuya Naito]
  7. Eri Konami [Manami Toyota]
  8. Flying Feline [Tiger Mask]
  9. High Yakuza [Hayabusa]
  10. Ken Ryu [Genichiro Tenryu]
  11. Kendo Crush [Kenta Kobashi]
  12. Killer Karado [Toshiaki Kawada]
  13. Kim Storm [Gail Kim]
  14. Machine Miuri [Mitsuharu Misawa]
  15. Mario Sanyo [Kensuke Sasaki]
  16. Master Chrome [Masahiro Chono]
  17. Mother Forker [Abdullah the Butcher]
  18. Motorola Chan [Red Shoes]
  19. Mutox [Great Muta]
  20. Nico Moron [Shinsuke Nakamura]
  21. Onna Bugeisha [Asuka]
  22. Reign Man [Kazuchika Okada]
  23. Ruthless Rufus [Bruiser Brody]
  24. Ryo Hamma [Shinya Hashimoto]
  25. Sam Handsome [Stan Hansen]
  26. Snake Suzuki [Great Sasuke]
  27. Tanned Heihachi [Hiroshi Tanahashi]
  28. Tenryu Mist [Taka Michinoku]
  29. Thunder Tiger [Jushin Liger]
  30. Tommy Tanaka [Jumbo Tsuruta]
  31. Tower Misawa [Giant Baba]
  32. Tug Jaffazero [Yoshihiro Takayama]
  33. Turrican [KENTA]
  34. Ultra Bull [Vader]
  35. Uri Yakuza [Kenji Muto]

Maple Leaf Grappling

  1. Andy Aniston [Arn Anderson]
  2. Arn Goodman [Owen Hart]
  3. Arthur Price [Bob Backlund]
  4. Brad Basket [Gorilla Monsoon]
  5. Brad Goodman [Bret Hart]
  6. Buzz Kill [B. Brian Blair]
  7. Charlie Grace [Harley Race]
  8. Cowboy Colt [Magnum T.A.]
  9. Duke Miniman [The Mountie]
  10. Evan Gillette [Brother Love]
  11. Gary Mallet [Greg Valentine]
  12. Gorilla Grundy [King Kong Bundy]
  13. Heavenly Bobby [Bobby Eaton]
  14. Ivy Windsor [Fabulous Moolah]
  15. John Crockett [Jim Cornette]
  16. Kongo [Kamala]
  17. Manny Quinn [Rick Martel]
  18. Mary Class [Charlotte Flair]
  19. Natasha Goodman [Natalya]
  20. Ned Heart [Jim Neidhart]
  21. Oblivion [The Destroyer]
  22. Perry Class [Ric Flair]
  23. Phalanx [Beth Phoenix]
  24. Rusty Rose [Dusty Rhodes]
  25. Sandman Tito [Bruno Sammartino]
  26. Simon Leamont (Original)
  27. Slap Nut [David Shultz]
  28. Slick Dude [Rick Rude]
  29. Steve Engine [Ricky Steamboat]
  30. Theo Sultana [Tito Santana]
  31. Union Jack [Davey Boy Smith]
  32. Upside Frown [Bad News Brown]
  33. Vito Soprano [Dino Bravo]
  34. Will Wind [Kerry Von Erich]
  35. Winston Barker [Junkyard Dog]

Super Lucha Libre

  1. Crispin Noir [Chris Benoit]
  2. Dan Fever [Disco Inferno]
  3. Dan Maverick [Dean Malenko]
  4. Derek Switchoff [Eric Bischoff]
  5. Dream Hornet [Ultimo Dragon]
  6. El Giantina [Giant Gonzales]
  7. Emil Tequila [Konnan]
  8. Enemigo (Original)
  9. Essa Carrera [Eddie Guerrero]
  10. Federico Fisher (Original)
  11. Frank Incensed [Scott Steiner]
  12. Hard Gainer [La Parka]
  13. Jay Enrico [Chris Jericho]
  14. Jordan Hangtime [Billy Kidman]
  15. Julian Damn [Ron Simmons]
  16. King Bombard [Rey Mysterio]
  17. Lacey Spencer [Torrie Wilson]
  18. Lost Boy [Vampiro]
  19. Luke Cannon [Brian Pillman]
  20. Machismo [Razor Ramon]
  21. Maskara [Sin Cara]
  22. Max Mullet [Lex Luger]
  23. Mujer Peligrosa [Kobra Moon]
  24. Petrol [Diesel]
  25. Psycho Kid [Psychosis]
  26. Quincy Rhymes [Stevie Ray]
  27. Rio Carrera [Juventud Guerrera]
  28. Ross Wright [Vince Russo]
  29. Ryan Schneider [Rick Steiner]
  30. Seduca [Madusa]
  31. Slow Mo [Big Show]
  32. Sucka G [Booker T]
  33. Sunshine [Bayley]
  34. Uranus [Perry Saturn]
  35. Venom [Surfer Sting]

Federation Online

  1. Amazon [Chyna]
  2. Bobby Q [Jim Ross]
  3. Brad White [Bray Wyatt]
  4. Bud Harley [Hardcore Holly]
  5. Cabal [Kane]
  6. Cameron Cool [Kofi Kingston]
  7. Cliff Hanger [Edge]
  8. Comic Connie [AJ Lee]
  9. Denaun Dark [D'Lo Brown]
  10. Dick Swagger [Val Venis]
  11. Fanny Monaco [Stephanie McMahon]
  12. Gabriel [Christian]
  13. Hairy Harris [Mr. Brodie Lee]
  14. Helix [X-Pac]
  15. Hugh Jazz [Big E]
  16. Ian Tense [Test]
  17. Joanna Fight [Sasha Banks]
  18. Jordan Short [Theodore Long]
  19. Karen Mahoney [Becky Lynch]
  20. Les Miserable [The Miz]
  21. Lestat Macabre [Gangrel]
  22. Malcolm Soul [Michael Cole]
  23. Mojo Snatch [The Godfather]
  24. Nirvana [Alexa Bliss]
  25. Phil Graves [Undertaker]
  26. Ralph Zipper [Dolph Ziggler]
  27. Ripper Ace [Triple H]
  28. Road Hog [Road Dogg]
  29. Ronan Raw [Seth Rollins]
  30. Rory Awesome [Randy Orton]
  31. Sam Mower [Rikishi]
  32. Shane Asterix [Sheamus]
  33. Stunner Stu [Billy Gunn]
  34. Tom Stone [Paul Bearer]
  35. Trojan Force [Roman Reigns]

Weekend Warriors

  1. Android [Cris Cyborg]
  2. Apocalypse [Umaga]
  3. Apple Pie [Jake Hager]
  4. Armstrong [Mark Henry]
  5. Ashley Boss [Bobby Lashley]
  6. Beaumont [Virgil]
  7. Bobby Ball [Butterbean]
  8. Claw [Sable]
  9. Cracker [Dan Severn]
  10. Danny Might [Dana White]
  11. Doug Hillman [Dan Miragliotta]
  12. Emma Winner [Ronda Rousey]
  13. Ethan Asia [Steve Williams]
  14. Ewan Trust [Steve Blackman]
  15. Gold Boulder [Goldberg]
  16. Grand Bhishma [The Great Khali]
  17. Greg McMahon [Conor McGregor]
  18. Hacka [Haku]
  19. Haley Harm [Holly Holm]
  20. Hardback [Ryback]
  21. Hooker Hudson [Ken Shamrock]
  22. Jock Lazer [Brock Lesnar]
  23. Mick Marvel [Marc Mero]
  24. Minotaur [Minoru Suzuki]
  25. Miranda Jonas [Amanda Nunes]
  26. Paul Street [John Bradshaw Layfield]
  27. Pedro De Niro [Alberto El Patron]
  28. Oliver Gold [Kurt Angle]
  29. Open Mike [Joe Rogan]
  30. Sifu [Mr. Fuji]
  31. Slam Dunk [CM Punk]
  32. Sumo Ray [Yokozuna]
  33. Tate Madison [Matt Riddle]
  34. Todd Snorting [Scott Norton]
  35. Wayne Barrage [Wade Barrett]

Wrestling School

  1. Aaron Benson [Ahmed Johnson]
  2. Alan Gator [Skinner]
  3. Blonde Blunder [Scotty 2 Hotty]
  4. Bully Demise [Bill DeMott]
  5. C Breeze (Original)
  6. Cathedral (Original)
  7. Coach Emerson (Himself)
  8. Crash Cougar [Mosh]
  9. Crucial Kennedy [Kanyon]
  10. Dangal (Original)
  11. David Hybrow [Aron Stevens]
  12. Disputin (Original)
  13. Doug Turner [Shane Douglas]
  14. El Dorado [El Matador Tito Santana]
  15. Flex Beanbag [Buff Bagwell]
  16. Gary Dunn [Hillbilly Jim]
  17. Heckle Horn (Original)
  18. Hong Xin (Original)
  19. Kylie Barrior (Original)
  20. Lucy Lakes (Original)
  21. Matt Black [Damien Demento]
  22. Mike Bail [Nailz]
  23. Newbie Nate (Original)
  24. Outback [Bushwhacker Luke]
  25. Polka Paulo (Original)
  26. Roland Weiner [Norman Smiley]
  27. Rupert Royal [William Regal]
  28. Samson [Hercules]
  29. Score Benz (Original)
  30. Sebastian Slobber [Bastion Booger]
  31. Shank [New Jack]
  32. Snow Job [Al Snow]
  33. Tall Order (Original)
  34. Tommy Hawk (Original)
  35. Val Halla [The Barbarian]
  36. Vendetta [Viscera]
  37. Victoria Hinks (Original)
  38. Willy Pearce [Albert]
  39. Win Stevenson (Original)
  40. Wuri Cusson (Original)


  1. Beast [Batista]
  2. Block Buster [The Rock]
  3. Bruise [Zeus]
  4. Doctor Dash (Original)
  5. Doctor Stainton (Original)
  6. Ed Chilada [Jack Black]
  7. Eddie Schwarz [Arnold Schwarzenegger]
  8. General Genocide [Sgt. Slaughter]
  9. God of War [Ultimate Warrior]
  10. Hal Coogan [Hulk Hogan]
  11. Jerk Hoffman [Andy Kaufman]
  12. Jimi Sierra [John Cena]
  13. Johnny Valencia [Jessie Ventura]
  14. Majesty [Jerry Lawler]
  15. Obelisk [Andre the Giant]
  16. Original G [Mr. T]
  17. Redneck Rosteen [Steve Austin]
  18. Ryan Pippin [Roddy Piper]
  19. Sean Monaco [Shane McMahon]
  20. Shep Buffalo [Micky Rourke]
  21. Splinter [Mick Foley]
  22. Stone Malone [Sylvester Stallone]
  23. Thomas Sun [Conrad Thompson]
  24. Vulture [Sting]
  25. Wally Stacks [Donald J. Trump]
  26. Xiao Long [Bruce Lee]
  27. Yogi Beard [Diamond Dallas Page]


  1. Eagle [Road Warrior Hawk]
  2. Savage [Road Warrior Animal]
  3. Tony Screamer [Tommy Dreamer]


You can have No Script, or you can have the following...


  • It's Coming Home
  • Just Getting Started
  • Match Maker
  • Explain Rules
  • Guest Referee
  • Inter-Promotional
  • Charity Appeal
  • Memorial
  • Return From Injury
  • Fond Farewell
  • Good Riddance
  • Bringing The Revolution
  • Going Solo
  • Undefeated Streak
  • Audience Vote
  • First Day at School
  • Open Challenge
  • Feel My Pain
  • Invasion Angle
  • Undefeated Career
  • Undefeated At Promotion
  • Shared Experience
  • Bitter Exit
  • Glad to be Back


  • #1 Contender
  • Newcomer's Goals
  • Championship Material
  • Unfair Title Defence
  • Non Title Match
  • Count Career Titles
  • Count Titles At Promotion
  • Rematch Clause
  • Regained Championship
  • Former Champion
  • Champion Elsewhere


  • Corrupt Referee
  • Under New Management
  • Team Formation
  • Stable Formation
  • Guest Partner
  • Odd Couple
  • Outnumbered
  • Friendly Rivals
  • The Avenger
  • Relish Handicap
  • Out Of The Shadows
  • Dead Weight
  • Blame For Loss
  • Mystery Partner
  • Welcome Back


  • Drug Addict
  • Hostile Reception
  • Won Last Time
  • Lost Last Time
  • Tale Of The Tape
  • Attention Seeker
  • Confront Intruder
  • Insult Crowd
  • Mock Costume
  • Mock Name
  • Mock Moves
  • Multiple Falls
  • Shoot Fight
  • Play By The Rules
  • Hardcore Heaven
  • Lock In
  • Empty Arena
  • Forthcoming Match
  • Champion Elsewhere
  • Barbed Wire
  • Back to the Gutter
  • Crawling Back
  • Betray Friend



  • Change the name of whatever character you've chosen to customize.
  • Select up to 40 themes, or have no theme at all.
  • Adjust the Theme Speed from 70% up to 120%.
  • Change the Lighting for when a wrestler does their entrance. The choices available are Smooth Disco, Fast Disco, Smooth Murkiness, Fast Murkiness, Reds, Greens, Blues, Yelows, Pinks, Dark, Twilight, Dusk or have None.
  • You can change the Prop a wrestler comes out with. The choices are Microphone, Camera, Bell, Explosive, Baseball Bat, Chair, Cage Piece, Wooden Board, Table Piece, Table Leg, or have None.
  • Adjust their Popularity, Strength, Skill, Agility, Stamina, and Attitude here.


  • Adjust their Build here. From there, you can change their Gender, Age, Height, Body Mass, Muscle Mass, and Arm Mass.
  • You can decide which attires are for Wrestling, Casual, and Referee. As such, everyone in the game has 3 attires.
  • In Hair, you can change the hair color, the Hairstyle, Variation, Extensions, Textures, and Shaves.
  • In Face, you can change the color, the Head Shape, the Face, Beard, Mask Base, Mask Detail, Eyewear, and Headwear.
  • In Body, you can change the color, Shape, Flesh, Material, Under Pattern, Over Pattern, and Collar.
  • In Right Arm and Left Arm, you can change color, Shape, Flesh, Material, Elbow Pad, Wristbands, and Gloves.
  • In Legs, you can change the color, Shape, Length, Flesh, Material, Pattern, Kneepads, Footwear, and Laces.


  • In Gestures, you can select which Stance, Entrance, Taunt, Special, and Celebration you prefer.
  • In Attacks, you can select which Upper Attack, Lower Attack, Big Attack, Running Attack, Flying Attack, Middle Rope Attack, Springboard Attack, and Tope Attack you prefer.
  • In Crushes, you can select which Stomp, Big Crush, Running Crush, Flying Crush, Middle Rope Crush, Springboard Crush, and Tope Crush you prefer.
  • In Front Moves, you can select which Attacks, Runs, and Picks Moves with any or no direction, as well as Momentum, Running, Flying, and Special moves you prefer.
  • In Rear Moves, you can select which Attacks, Runs, and Picks Moves with any or no direction, as well as Rear Running, Rear Flying, Rear Special, and Corner moves you prefer.
  • In Ground Moves, you can select which Head and Legs Attacks, Runs, and Picks Moves you prefer.


  • You can change a wrestler's Promotion.
  • You can change their Role.
  • You can change their Allegiance.
  • Do some Cloning.
  • You can decide who your Manager can be.
  • You can choose who your Partner can be.
  • You can even decide who your Story and Real Friends and Enemies are.



  • Difficulty can be set to either Very Easy, Easy, Moderate, Hard, or Very Hard.
  • The Match Length can be Short, Normal, or Long.
  • The Size Differences can be Irrelevant, Slight, Significant, or Exaggerated.
  • Tag Control can be set to the Whole Team, or a Specific Player.
  • Match Exit can either be Manual, Auto Eventually, or Auto Quickly.
  • You can also adjust the Sound, and Music Volume.


  • Displays can be set to None, Clock Only, or Meters & Clock.
  • Labels can be turned On or Off.
  • Special FX can either be None, Minimum, Moderate, or Maximum.
  • The Gore can be turned Off, or have Spurts, Stains, Facial Scars, or Body Scars.
  • Photography can either be Real or Generated.
  • Lighting can be adjusted to be Basic, Changeable, or Shiny.
  • Shadows can be turned On or Off.
  • Crowd Detail can be changed to Basic, No Signs, Few Signs, or Maximum.
  • Expressions can be either Static, Pointed Heads, Furrowed Brows, Speaking, or Blinking.
  • Button Prompts can be turned On or Off.


  • The Character Limit can be set to 4, or all the way up to 30. The Character Limit is 50 on high-end PC versions.
  • Entrances can either be Skipped, show Minimum, or show Maximum (All).
  • Referees can be turned On or Off.
  • Managers can be turned On or Off.
  • You can have up to 3 Announcers or have None at all.
  • Interferences can be set to Never, Rare, Normal, or Common.


  • You can Backup Rosters, Restore Backups, Restore Defaults, Update Movesets and see how much you've unlocked in the game via its Starting Status. You can also look at your Achievements, which displays whether you've won any of the 35 available championships in the 10 brands during your Career.

Pause Menu

  • You can Resume a match.
  • Look at the Controls.
  • Adjust the Camera to any of the following settings: From Scope, you can select from Player(s) Only, Relevant To Player(s), or Contain All. From Angle, you can select from Hard Camera, Diagonal, Bird's Eye, Third Person, or Side Tracking. You can also adjust the Zoom from 0% (Close), up to 100% (Far). You can even adjust the Height from 0% (Low), up to 100% (Far).
  • You can Simulate the Result of a match.
  • Restart an already finished match.
  • You can Repeat Instructions during Training if you forget what to do.
  • Or you can Quit the match.
Under the Weather - A wrestler contracts an illness and is in poor health.
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