When it comes to taking WWE Games to heart, I’ve always been mostly a Gameplay/Creations guy. But then I played MyCareer. And after seeing how much of a grind it is and how many basic functionalities were overlooked or just poorly thought through, I personally couldn’t "let it go" and that inspired me to put together this write-up.

I read MyCareer feedbacks and criticism and I’ve seen people coming up with great ideas and wishlists for new features, but with this I want to first focus on fixing what’s just plain wrong/broken and building a solid foundation for the mode for WWE 2K18 and beyond, on which new features and improvements could then be added on top. Plus, it’s going to be a super long read already… But I promise you it will be worth it.

Making MyCareer the Main Story Mode

With 2K Showcase now gone, I believe MyCareer should become the main mode of the game, which means it needs to evolve into a full-fledged story mode. And for that to happen, I feel like MyCareer could learn a lot from SmackDown! Here Comes The Pain Season Mode, for those who remember.

Character Selection & Starting Point

  • You need to have the option to pick ANYONE as your Character for MyCareer. Not just Created Superstars, literally any WWE Superstar on the in-game roster including Women.
  • Players should have the option of choosing a “Starting Point” for your Career
    • Rookie: starts with low attributes, has to go through developmental and NXT
    • Superstar: starts on the Main Roster and keeps original attributes and stats
  • If you decide to “jump-start” as a Superstar instead of starting as a Rookie, you would have the downside of not being able to earn all MyCareer Trophies (like NXT trophies etc. ) during that career. Obviously you still have the option to have multiple careers saves running at the same time, 3 slots like it is now is more than fine.

MyCareer Set-Up

  • With the Brand-Split returning in WWE, this should also be reflected in the game’s Career Mode. And, just like HCTP (this is going to be a recurring mention), you should be able to have the option to set-up the Rosters: either use the default ones if you’re okay with them, or have the option to customize them freely. This includes:
    • What superstars are active in the mode. You can add/remove whoever you want, including any of your Created Superstars, as long as a certain minimum/maximum amount of wrestlers limit is respected of course.
    • Brands: Which superstars are on Raw, SmackDown and NXT
    • Alignments: Which superstars are on the Face side and which are on the Heel side
    • Attires: For Superstars with alternate attires, you can pick the attire they appear with.
    • Teams: You have the option to start out with the default stables, or import Stables (Teams) from your main Exhibition MyWWE, again just like HCTP.
  • On the other hand, you CANNOT customize Shows and Championships: this is not your Universe, this is a MyCareer mode happening in a WWE environment, so Shows, PPVs and Titles stay default as in real WWE.
  • Obviously, during the mode, Face and Heel Turns from superstars would also organically happen, as well as Drafts that could move superstars from Raw to SmackDown and viceversa.
  • You should also have the chance to customize/update this entire set-up manually, adding, moving and removing wrestlers during the course of the mode, allowing you for example to incorporate DLC Characters when they come out, or add new Created Superstars.
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