The WWE around you should make sense

Superstar Status:

Currently in MyCareer, you could find yourself doing marquee matches against top wrestlers like Brock Lesnar or Sting or John Cena… on minor shows! (on WWE Superstars) This is just absurd and there is no way it should happen. Not to mention, part-timers/alumni like The Rock, Brock Lesnar or Triple H, shouldn’t appear in every weekly show in the first place, while now you could just see them in the card every week like it’s nothing.

A clever solution suggests to have the option to give Labels/Status to wrestlers, which indicate where they should make appearances and their frequency.

  • Undercard: Regularly appears on minor-shows, can only go for Secondary Titles
  • Mid-carder: Make occasional appearances on minor-shows, goes Secondary Titles and can occasionally go for World Titles if the opportunity arises
  • Top Star: Never appears on minor shows, can go for World Titles
  • Alumni: special label that makes said character only wrestle at the big 4 PPVs and never appear on weekly shows (perhaps with the exception of the build-up to those PPVs)

(This could also be a good idea for Universe Mode, replacing and improving upon the “Minor Show Appearances Yes/No” option)
Note: Obviously, like in real WWE, Superstars is the minor show for Raw, while Main Event is the minor show for SmackDown.

Show Cards:

Also, the number of matches in the card of each show needs to make sense and be appropriate to the respective Show. In the game, every show has 8+ matches every week, even NXT and minor shows (that in real life are only 1 hour long). This needs to be addressed.

  • WWE Raw is 3 hours, have 7-8 matches on the card
  • WWE SmackDown is 2 hours, have 5-6 matches on the card
  • WWE NXT is 1 hour, have 4-5 matches on the card
  • Minor shows (Superstars and Main Event) are 1 hour, have 3-4 matches on the card
  • For 3 hours Pay Per Views, have 6-7 matches on the card (+1 pre-show match)
  • For SummerSlam & WrestleMania which are 4 hours, have 8-9 matches on the card (+1 pre-show match)
  • For NXT Takeovers which are 2 hours, have 5-6 matches in the card. We would have 4 unique NXT Takeovers Specials/Arenas and the events happen every 3 months and not every month as opposed to 2K16. (for example: NXT Arrival in February, NXT Takeover in May, NXT Takeover Brooklyn in August, NXT Takeover London in November)

World Progression

While MyCareer doesn’t necessarily need an extremely deep booking system like for WWE Universe Mode, since the focus is still your own Superstar that you’re using, the rest of the WWE around you should still feel alive and look like it makes sense. There has to be some minimum sense of progression and realism… Title should change hands, face/heel turns should happen, who wins the Royal Rumble goes in the main event of WrestleMania, etc…

  • In WWE 2K16, when you lose a title, for some reason, the champion reverts to… who was champion before you, and not the superstar that just beat you. This should obviously be addressed. When you lose a title, the new champion has to be who just beat you.
  • Also, when you lose a championship, you should not fall to #10 in Title Rankings. You should remain right at the #1 spot and be able to use your Rematch Clause. If you lose the rematch as well, then you would start falling down the rankings (#2, #3, etc…). You should never immediately fall to #10, you should remain among the top contenders.
  • In WWE 2K16, titles NEVER change hands (and I mean… NEVER during the whole mode) unless you’re in that Title Ranking. There has to be a sense of progression in the world around you. During shows and PPV cards, Titles need to be defended and periodically change hands, regardless of whether you’re involved with them or not.
  • Gradually/organically, some or most NXT Superstars should get promoted to the Main Roster over time. It wouldn’t matter if the NXT Roster technically gets left with little Superstars because when you are in the Main Roster you would never be involved with NXT again. So we can simply “imagine” that those empty spots were filled with new rookies. (no need to actually generate them, we never get to see it anyway).
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