Balanced In-Game Economy

Purchasing Skills (Costs, Restrictions, etc. )

Many players rightfully complained about basic Skills costing too much VC to be acquired. Especially, it makes no sense for a Cruiserweight to have to go through half of MyCareer without being able to do Springboard Moves (or without even being able to go to the Top Rope for a long time!), which is the bread for those who want to use a character with a High Flying style of wrestling.

  • First of all, “Top Rope Diver” shouldn’t really be a skill to be acquired in the first place. With maybe the only exception of Super Heavyweights being forced to purchase it, everyone else should be able to do it right from the get go, come on now. Super Heavyweights are the only type of wrestlers where it makes sense to require an extra effort in order to be able to go to the Top Rope.
  • In general, the cost for all Skills, OMG Moments, as well as Managers, should be thoroughly revised and dramatically reduced compared to what it is in currently. Everything is way too expensive for the amount of VC you earn per match. Either the prices should be cut, or the amount of VC awarded should be significantly increased. It’s just unreasonable and not realistic right now having to wait years before being able to acquire basic skills. For example a high-flyers should be able to buy Springboard Dives right at the beginning, at best within the first weeks of competing in NXT.
  • Infact, the VC cost for many Skills should vary significantly based on the Weight Class of the Superstar. For example:
    • The cost for skills like Springboard Diver, Leverage Pin, Steel Cage Daredevil, Ladder Daredevil, Suicide Dives, etc. should be much lower for Cruiseweights/Light Heavyweights, but high for Heavyweights and even higher for Super Heavyweights, making them more special and harder to get for those.
    • On the other hand, skills like Hammer Throw, Barricade Breaker, Giant Swing, Outside Superplex, Double Finisher, etc. should cost less for Super Heavyweights and Heavyweights, while costing more for Light Heavyweights and Cruiserweights

VC Earnings & WWE Shop

Currently the amount of VC earned is the same for every show, doesn’t matter if it’s the main event of WrestleMania or a random match on Superstars, you get paid the same. Doesn’t make sense. Even HCTP 15 years ago gave you more money on PPVs and/or if you were Champion.

To have a fully thorough system in place, it should be based on several variables:

  1. Player Status: Earnings should increase based on whether your Status is Undercard, Midcard, or Top Star. When you become an established Top Star, you earn more money!
  2. The Show players competed in:Specifically, going from highest pay to lowest pay:
    • WrestleMania Main Event (highest)
    • WrestleMania
    • Other 3 of the Big Four Pay Per Views (SummerSlam, Royal Rumble, Survivor Series)
    • Regular Pay Per View (Mono-Brand)
    • NXT Takeover
    • Main TV Show (Raw/SmackDown)
    • Minor TV Show (Superstars/Main Event)
    • NXT TV Show
    • WWE Live Event
    • NXT Live Event (lowest)
  3. If players hold a Title, players should have a VC multiplier that comes with it. The value of the multiplier would depend on which title you’re holding: being WWE Champion would obviously come with the highest bonus. This gives titles even more prestige: when you’re a title holder you earn more money, simple as that.

As mentioned earlier, the amount VC Earnings should be more balanced compared to the cost of Skills/Managers/etc.

And in addition to those, a WWE Shop would be brought back in the game (not strictly related to MyCareer), so you can also use the earned VC to purchase the various unlockable items like it was back in the day.

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