WWE 2K22 Generic Music Options: All Original Songs Titles

Over the years, generic music options have been featured in WWE games to give alternative options for entrance themes to use on CAWs, shows, and more, independent of specific theme songs for in-game wrestlers.

These have included “Gold Medallist”, previously known as “Ballad of a Champion”, famous for being the entrance theme for YouTube star Chris Danger, as well as “Billionaire”, the hip hop song popular for its emphasis on the love for cold hard cash.

Listed below are the names of all the generic music options featured in WWE 2K22, both in-game, and the original track, if they were able to be traced. These songs can be found and listened to on YouTube, or on the platform extrememusic.com, the latter mostly featuring numbered tracks, such as “Candies 1”, or “Traditional 2”.

WWE 2K22 List of Generic Music with Song Titles:

  1. American Patriot - “Washington Post March” by John Philip Sousa, covered by the United States Marine Band
  2. Biker - “Dirt” by Michael Caen
  3. Billionaire - "My Money A" by Reginald Keith Wilson and John Forbes
  4. Bodybuilder - “Big Muscle” by Eric Caspar and Mathias Zombory
  5. British Patriot - "Rule Britannia" by George Wilson and Thomas Arne
  6. Candies 1 - “Psycho Candy” by Mark Heaney
  7. Candies 2 - “Sugar Girl (Instrumental)” by Cut One and Wolfgang Black
  8. Candies 3 - "On the Frontline (Instrumental)" by Cherry Cherry Red
  9. Chinese Patriot - “China” by Nie Er, arranged by Ossi Bashiri
  10. Classical 1 - “Wrath of the Gods” by an unknown creator, though is linked to the label “Director’s Cuts"
  11. Classical 2 - Song name currently unknown
  12. Classical 3 - “One Last Dragon” by an unknown creator
  13. Clockwork 1 - Song name currently unknown
  14. Clockwork 2 - "Just Like Clockwork" by Kyle White and Daniel Carl Holter
  15. Clockwork 3 - "Time Minister" by Andrew Brick Johnson, Billie Ray Fingers, and Bruce Fingers
  16. Dark Super Hero - "Outbreak" by Stephen James Loveday and Darren Barrie Loveday
  17. Fabulous 1 - "Everybody Dance (Instrumental)" by Lee Baker and Laura Vane
  18. Fabulous 2 - "Dancing Round It (Instrumental)" by Sharon Woolf and Richard Charnock
  19. Fighting Spirit 1 - "Fight (Instrumental)" by All Good Things
  20. Fighting Spirit 2 - "Join the Fight" by Sons of Pythagoras
  21. Flamboyant - "Star Tripper" by George McFarlane and Geoff Dugmore
  22. French Patriot - "France" by Claude Rouglet de Lisle
  23. Futuristic 1 - "Hit the Tech" by Audio Android
  24. Futuristic 2 - "Moon Boot" by William Edward Somerset White, Brian Dougans, and Garry Cobain
  25. Gold Medalist - “Great Champions A” by Tony Clarke (previously known as “Ballad of a Champion”)
  26. Goth 1 - “Into the Crucible” by an unknown creator
  27. Goth 2 - "Gothic Cowboy" by Two Steps from Hell
  28. Hardcore 1 - "Load Rage" by Blues Saraceno
  29. Hardcore 2 - "Drool Machine" by Kyle White and Daniel Carl Holter
  30. Hardcore 3 - Song name currently unknown
  31. Hell’s Demon - "Hell's Army A" by Robert Anthony Navarro and Neal Acree
  32. Irish Patriot - “Humours of Glen Dart” by Greg Knowles and Mike Taylor
  33. Islander - “Tamure A” by Pulefano and the Polynesians
  34. Italian Patriot - "Pizza Dance A" by Matthew John Moore
  35. Japanese Patriot - “Samurai Sigh” by Hans Bolex
  36. Ladies Man - “Carmen Electric” by Ian Livingstone
  37. Legend 1 - Song name currently unknown
  38. Legend 2 - "Take Shelter" by James Hannigan
  39. Legend 3 - "Touch Me (Instrumental)" by Martha Bean and Shanks Mansell
  40. Modern 1 - "Judgement Daze" by Brian de Mercia
  41. Modern 2 - "Carnival Conundrum (Carnival of the Animals - Aquarium)" by Carrie Harry and Dirty Dick
  42. Modern 3 - "Feed the Beast" by Flaming Vito
  43. Movie Star 1 - "Devils Got You Beat (Nu Disco - Instrumental)" by Blues Saraceno and Nicholas Patrick Kingsley
  44. Movie Star 2 - Song name currently unknown
  45. Neon 1 - "Neon Dreams" by James Donald Davies and Nicholas Patrick Kingsley
  46. Neon 2 - "Neon Lights (Instrumental)" by Gary William Short, Phoebe Markowitz Ogan, Spencer Afari Nezey, and Dilesh Haria
  47. Perfectionist - "Jubilation B" by Daryl Griffith
  48. "The Price of War (Instrumental)" (NEW) by Blues Saraceno and NineOneOne
  49. Royalty - “Pompöser Empfang" by Gerhard Trede
  50. Sexy Diva - Song name currently unknown
  51. Spark 1 - "Face the Fire (Instrumental)" by Dexter French and Darius Behdad
  52. Spark 2 - "I'm Telling Your Mum (Instrumental)" by Daniel Mark Farrant and Paul Rawson
  53. Spark 3 - "World On Fire (Instrumental)" by Tony Lee Stafford Jr., Michael Dennis Smith, and NineOneOne
  54. Sports 1 - "Not Havin' It (Instrumental)" by Aaron Levy, Raphael Lake, and Dumi Maraire
  55. Sports 2 - "Watcha Got Cookin' (Instrumental) by Daniel Ryan Murphy and Kyle Shepard Moorman
  56. Sports 3 - "Game Time" by Two Steps from Hell
  57. Stars 1 - "Shooting Stars (Instrumental)" by Tony Lee Stafford Jr., Michael Dennis Smith, and NineOneOne
  58. Stars 2 - "Shine Bright Like a Star (Instrumental)" by Elizabeth Hooper, Andrew Bojanic, Phoebe Markowitz Ogan, Spencer Afari Nezey, and Dilesh Haria
  59. Steel 1 - "Balls of Steel (Instrumental)" by Billy Sonic, Bruce Fingers, and Billie Ray Fingers
  60. Steel 2 - "Fists of Steel" by Two Steps from Hell
  61. Super Hero - "Born a Hero" by Andrew Britton and David Goldsmith
  62. "Take the Crown (Instrumental)" (NEW) - Tony Lee Stafford Jr., Michael Dennis Smith, and NineOneOne
  63. Traditional 1 - “Countdown” by an unknown creator
  64. Traditional 2 - “Naga Formation” by an unknown creator
  65. Traditional 3 - "Pyar (Instrumental)" by Rishi Rich
  66. Underground 1 - "Supa Powa" by Marc Williams and Nadarajah Milroy
  67. Underground 2 - "Underground Party" by Michael Standal and Daniel Carl Holter
  68. US President - "Hail to the Chief" by the American Inauguration Band
  69. USA 1 - "Urban Riff" by Dweezil Zappa
  70. USA 2 - "Four Wheelin'" by Rex Paul Schnelle
  71. USA 3 - "Don't Try to Change Me (Instrumental)" by Aron Leigh and Steve Dean
  72. Victory - Song name currently unknown
  73. Voyage 1 - "Down to the Wire" by Christopher Lennertz
  74. Voyage 2 - "Hero Now (Instrumental)" by Tony Lee Stafford Jr., Michael Dennis Smith, and NineOneOne
  75. Voyage 3 - "All In" by Lorne David Roderick Balfe, Bruce Fingers, and Billie Ray Fingers
  76. "We Up So High (Instrumental)" (NEW) by Dumi Maraire, Raphael Lake, and Aaron Levy
  77. Western 1 - "Jailbreak Jenkins (Instrumental)" by Jo Part and Christian Mondstein
  78. Western 2 - "Saloon Raider" by Matthew James Cheadle, Dolphin Taylor, and Bart K. Hendrickson
  79. Western 3 - "Buzzard Bait" by Clarence Buzz Chestnut
  80. Western 4 - Song name currently unknown
  81. 80s 1 - "Angry Young Men (Instrumental)" by Daniel Ryan Murphy, Elizabeth Hooper, Randall Cooke, and Andrew Bojanic
  82. 80s 2 - "Sound of Freedom (Instrumental)" by Justin Drew Avery, Joe Ayoub, Brett Collin Farkas, and Jevin Jeen Hunter
  83. 80s 3 - "When You Feel the Most Alive (Instrumental)" by Bradley Allen Kozlowski, Phoebe Markowitz Ogan, Elizabeth Hooper, Joe Pringle, and Andrew Bojanic
  84. 80s 4 - Song name currently unknown
  85. 90s 1 - "Swell (Instrumental)" by Dexter French and Darius Behdad
  86. 90s 2 - "Here it Comes (Instrumental)" by Dexter French and Darius Behdad

Since last year, the songs "Cubes 1", "Cubes 2", and "Cubes 3" have each been renamed "Sparks", while the songs "Space 1""Space 2", and "90s 3" have been removed.

Some tracks have been around for a long time, and they may be recognizable to longtime fans of the series, such as "Irish Patriot". Out of all the generic music options mentioned, which one is your favorite? Let us know below!

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