Booker T
Booker T
Gender Male
Nickname / Version 5-Time World Champion
Alternative Versions Booker T '13Booker T '13Booker T '97Booker T '97
Era Attitude Era
Superstar Class Technician
Ability Style Focused

Booker T was Inducted into the WWF Hall of Fame in 2013. Booker is an 11 time WCW Tag Champion, a 6-time World Champion, and 2006 King of the Ring winner. Can you dig it? Sucka!

SPECIALS: Russian Leg Sweep, Super Sidekick, Sidewalk Slam, Flapjack, Leaping Clothesline, Book End

FINISHER: Scissor Kick

TAG LINKS: Attitude Era, Alliance, Millionaire's Club, New World Order, Booker T & Goldust

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