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Yesterday IGN released a video on their Youtube channel of WWE 2K Battlegrounds' gameplay of a private demo.

The demo featured some Fatal 4 Way and Tag Team Matches, which included Austin Creed.

Today we will be breaking down the video and some new details revealed.

Demo Superstar's Ratings, Classes, and Assigned Powerups

During the video when Austin and the others were choosing their characters for the matches, we were able to see the superstars that were in the demo.

The demo included Daniel Bryan, Edge, Sasha Banks and Asuka however we also saw the ratings of each superstar.

The highest overall male and female superstars were The Rock with 95 and Ronda Rousey with 92 and the lowest overall superstars being Jeff Hardy at 83 and Stephanie Mcmahon at 75.

In the video we see the classes of each superstar in the demo with Undertaker and Andre as Powerhouses, John Cena and Edge as All Rounders, The Fiend and Stone Cold being Brawlers, Jeff Hardy and Rey Mysterio being High Flyers and finally Xavier Woods as a Technician.

The superstars shown in the demo are also seen with certain powerups that they are assigned by default, but the player is able to choose what powerups they want to use from the powerups that they have unlocked at that point, by pressing the right trigger on Xbox or R2 on PS4.

One final thing to add is while on the character selection screen, all of the superstars can be seen with their own alternative attires and rarity which ranges from rare, epic, and legendary.

New Environmental Attack and Electrified Cage

 As shown in screenshots and other trailers for Battlegrounds, we have seen different environmental attacks that are unique to each arena such as the crocodile in the Everglades, the Goat in the Mexico Arena and the car being held up by a jack in the American Auto Shop

During the gameplay we see another environmental attack in the American Auto Shop during the match there are some explosive barrels at ringside in which one is thrown to ringside by a fan in the crowd.

Once the barrel has been thrown, the ring breaks with players still being able to wrestle the broken ring and it seems like players don't need a finisher stored during the match to activate these environmental attacks.

During a tag team cage match in the American Auto Shop we see that there are bags of money on the inside of the cage which the player can collect which will allow them to unlock more items from the in-game store.

Occasionally the cage will have blue electricity spark with this being an indication for the player to stay away from.

If the player is climbing up the cage when the red lights on the side flash then the player's character will be shocked and sent off of the cage back into the ring.

Also in terms of climbing up the cage, all the player needs to do is the A button held down (X on PS4) until their character climbs down the cage.

Game's Menu

Finally to end this article during the gameplay we see a shot of the in-game menu that has some of the modes that were advertised in prior trailers such as the Campaign Mode, King of The Battlegrounds, and the Battleground Challenge Mode.

We also have a Tournament mode which has been shown off or talked about before and the exhibition mode was split up with a separate mode for the men and a separate mode for the women.

Here is the IGN Gamescom 2020 Battlegrounds video for anyone interested in watching it.

What do you think about the details in the new Battlegrounds gameplay trailer?

Leave your comments down below and thanks for reading.

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