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Dusty Rhodes


Height: 6-foot-2
Weight: 302 pounds
From: Austin, Texas
Signature Moves: Bionic Elbow; Figure 4 Leg Lock; DDT; Gorilla Press
WWE All Stars Class: Brawler
WWE All Stars Attires: Black and Yellow Polka Dots

Dusty Rhodes is a Brawler specializing in close range combat. His strike combos combine a dizzying array of punches, kicks, and of course, elbow strikes. The key to success with Dusty is to get in close, keep up the pressure and constantly change up the order of your strike combos. Dusty's Charged Bionic Elbow strike is hard to predict and you can often abort the attack and catch an opponent unawares. Dusty's signature moves primarily come from a standing position but he also has a spectacular Gorilla Press that can be performed against opponents who are slumped against the turnbuckle.




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