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Hulk Hogan


Height: 6-foot-7
Weight: 302 pounds
From: Venice Beach, California
Signature Moves: Leg Drop; Big Boot; Atomic Drop
WWE All Stars Class: Brawler
WWE All Stars Attires: Classic Yellow; Black (Hollywood Hogan); Red & Yellow

A Brawler with some Big Man tendencies, Hogan has some unique advantages in the game. Hogan is harder to knock down than the average Brawler, and will resist some strong strike knockdowns by "Hulking up". Counter-attack your opponent when this happens. Hulk can also perform his famous Leg Drop both as a Signature and a Finisher. We haven't forgotten the Hollywood Hogan days, so surprise your opponent with the occasional dirty trick, such as a back rake, to set up a signature Atomic Drop!




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